I’m happy you took out time to reach out to me, thank you.
I am open to advertising and collaborating with travel and sports/fitness brands and businesses that are in line with my blog.
I am also open to blog sponsorship.
Allmyview is a constantly growing blog with most of its readers coming from Africa (Nigeria mostly), America and Europe.


There are different advert plans on this blog.

1) Social media mentions:
This includes features across all my social media pages and subsequent constant promotions to my viewers. You have the option of specifying which social media your product or service should be featured on. instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.

2) Sponsored posts:
This feature’s posts of your products or services that would be supported by you. A back-link leading to your booking page or shop for my interested viewers. Purchases from my link would attract a certain amount of commission agreed upon by both parties before work.

3) Buy an ad space: You can advertise on my blog. Get your products and services to the right customers at the perfect time! Buy an advertisement space.

4) Sell in my store: 
For viewers, visitors or partners willing to showcase their products to my audience can get a space in my shop for a little commission. All promotions and adverst done for the store would also cover your goods.


1) I engage in product reviews and blog feature of these reviewed products. However, i’ll only accept products that fit my niche (travel and lifestyle), are good and products i can recommend to my readers.
All opinios (pictoral or words) would be originally mine.

2) For service based businesses that have to do with travel or sports/fitness, allmyview is the come-to blog.

3) If you need someone to give a simple but detailed review and possibly a blog feature about a particular place (a work or leisure space, relaxation spot, sporting facilities or arenas, and many more), look no further for allmyview is available for you.



The allmyview blog also participates in collaborations on giveaways and promotion incentives of product or services. Provided the products and services are tested and verified while being in line with my niche.

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