What is the best time to travel?
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So many times I hear people say “Now is the best time to travel”. I’ve even read some random quote that said “yesterday is the best time to travel”.

I’m pretty sure none of those quotes were developed by a Nigerian. Not with the current survival situation, economy rise and fall, problems and all what not the country might be going through currently.

Besides the country influencing travel decisions, individuals have a major role to play. Personal constraints (life and engagements) hinder the idea of traveling.

Analytics like this begs my next question. As a Nigerian, when is the best time to travel?


This question is answered differently by different people in totally unrelated situations.

What is the best time to travel?

Nigerian? Best time to travel?

A growing child, A student still in school, a 9-5 worker, a luxurious traveler, a business person, the governor or president, an out-of-job person, etc would all give varying answers to the question.

Survey has it that a larger percentage of Nigerians do not travel leisurely. Save for peak seasons. Yes. This is correct in its entirety. If 70% of the total population are poor, how then can they afford to travel?


Let us look from as many personality perspectives as we can, to see the best times to travel, as a Nigerian.

From the 9-5 perspective:

A 9-5 worker, say Mr Smith, is always submerged in his work. Mr Smith has to make money for his survival and sustainability. His everyday life revolves around his job. Mr Smith has little or no time for rest. Save for the weekends. The best time for Mr Smith to make a leisure trip is during public holidays or official work leave. Mr Smith can also add some few days to work related trips to relax and sightsee.

The student’s perspective:

This perspective applies to Me most especially. As a travel blogger, travelling is my main hobby. However, school constraint keeps me down for a long time (when in session). When do you think is the best time to travel? During holidays! I make the most of any holiday period I can get. Holiday season is perfect for any student. Cover a lot of destinations before resumption. Make a list of destinations to visit and plan out your way around using these 6 steps on how to plan a trip.


The governor, president or their officials:

An over maximized holiday

The matters of the country and state rely heavily on these government officials. However burdensome this might be, there’s still opportunity to travel! Yes! In Nigeria, the officials are given official leave. They take a break from work to relax and refresh their minds.
Another time to travel for officials are during work-related trips. It is a perfect chance to take a breath of fresh air away from your country or region. All work and no play, they say,….

A tourist/ traveller’s perspective:

A leisure traveler grabs every travel opportunity available. There’s no specific time, except when occupied. Tourists look out for tour opportunities, grab them, plan towards that opportunity (including time plan). Many a time, I’ve come across travelers who say they quit their jobs to travel the world. For these set, the right time to travel is everytime!

A child’s perspective:

A child is a young human who is dependent on the older human for survival. A child can make little or no decision for himself. A child literally has no specific travel time. His travel time would depend on his parent or guardian.

Please pin this.

An unemployed person’s perspective:

I have certain issues with some personally selected words. I feel the word “jobless” is sensitive and strong. Hence my avoidance.

From the unemployed guy, he has no basic reason to travel. Only when the absolute need arises. My best bet on times he would travel are for job openings and interviews, during festive periods (if the need arises), to see family and friends (who might have to sponsor his travel) not neglecting emergency reasons. His main aim is currently to find a job, get some sort of self sustainability and get settled in. Hence the elusion of travel idea for him. Nonetheless, he can still take out an extra time during a trip to rest, rejuvenate and refresh.


In conclusion, time to travel (read: travel times or opportunities) rely on several factors. Most especially individual engagements.

Something I’ve noticed over time as a traveler is people who are willing to travel would always make out time. Damning all the consequences.

What do you think? :

What is your best Time to travel?

When do you think is the best time to travel, and from what perspective?

When is the best time to travel, generally?

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