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Visa is simply a permit to enter and leave a country, normally issued by the authorities of the country to be visited. Visa procedures in Nigeria vary. This depends on the requirement of the country you intend to visit.

Visa procedures in Nigeria:

Visas are issued in Nigeria. As well as at the port of entry in destination countries.

Factors determining the issuance of visas:

  • Type of passport out.
  • Reason for traveling.
  • Duration.
  • Destination country.


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Types of visas:

The following are the type of visas that can be issued. If only you are eligible.

  • Business visa.
  • Diplomatic visa.
  • Visitors visa.
  • Tourist visa.
  • Students visa.
  • Transit visa.
  • Employment visa.
  • Special visas including sports, religious, festivals, etc.

Things to note when Applying for a visa:

Take to heart the following points as they are important things to note when applying for a visa.

  1. Contact the local high commission or embassy or consulate of the country you wish to visit.
  2. They would provide you with the necessary information and details.
  3. Some countries require you to apply for a visa when in transit.
  4. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.
  5. Give correct and honest information about your travel plans.
  6. Some countries require health insurance. Example Countries in the Schengen areas, etc.

Another important requirement is the international certificate of vaccination commonly called yellow fever.


Yellow fever:

The yellow card is part of your travel document. It is issued by port health offices of the federal ministry of health.

Ensure you are vaccinated and obtained a genuine yellow card long before your departure date.

NB: Without a genuine yellow card, you would be refused entry and repatriation.


During your visa application, you would be requested to possess evidence of sufficient funds.


  • The amount required for a period of stay varies from one country to another.
  • The amount must be sufficient for the stay without retreat to public fund at the destination country.
  • Some countries limit the amount of money that can be taken in and out.
  • Some other countries might insist on the declaration of funds.


You are required to process a return or onward ticket when applying for a short stay or transit visa.

Additional requirements:

Additional documents you might be required to submit includes:

  • Letter of introduction/invitation: you may be required to submit a letter of invitation from the destination country. This should be genuine documents.
  • Destination address/hotel reservations: you would also be required to provide a legit destination address and telephone numbers before you are allowed entry into destination countries. Ensure you confirm the authenticity of your destination address and phone numbers.

Departure/arrival procedure:

You are required, expected and mandated to pass through a recognized port and undergo immigration, customs and other security clearance at the point of departure or arrival.

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