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TRAVELING WITH PARENTS. Bonding time or epic fail?

For some of us, our earliest memory of traveling was mostly traveling with parents. Growing up Nigerian, traveling was always fun. From childhood till date. Traveling with parents however was fun while growing up. Currently, it’s all mixed feelings. Cupcakes and tea at one point. Slaps and knocks at another. Do you feel the same?

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What traveling with parents meant for me

I’m from a family of 6 kids. First child. First daughter. Born and brought up in a strange land (as my mum would say). While we were kids, locking us up was my mum’s favorite hobby. She barely let us out. Save for School, church, family day out and vacations.

Anytime there was an upcoming vacation hint, I and my siblings would be all psyched! Adrenaline level would rise so high and we’ll start mapping out our plans throughout the holidays. Of course, excluding our parents. Who wants to have fun with people that loves when we’re not playing? Added to the fact that we wouldn’t be allowed to play anyhow we’d love to. No way would our plans involve our parents!

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All grown up now, I feel weird when I’m traveling with any of my parents. Sometimes, I feel a lot embarrassed. Just thinking about all the things they would do. Especially my Mum. Ranging From creating a magical checklist of things I need, carrying a big foodflask filled with some native delicacy for the road, scolding me in the vehicle for not packing properly or forgetting anything and even restricting my movements throughout the journey. Mum!

Recently, I saw this trending gist on social media. Apparently, one of Nigeria’s richest man, Otedola, and his kids were flexing in a night club in Dubai. Like “club” Club. His kids took to social media to share pictures of their night thrills. The daddy-daughter perfect moments.

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In my mind I’m like, I need to show my dad what parenting should be in this age. Then I had a rethink. I can’t! Am I drunk?

I’ll be in for another hour of preaching. 30 mins of deliverance from the “spirit of the world” and placed on a daily dosage of Bible portions till I’m made whole again. Nigerian Christian (over religious) parents.

Nonetheless, traveling with parents in Nigeria doesn’t have to be such a bore. There are fun things to do with your parents.

Fun things to do with your parents while traveling.

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– Gist about family with them. This would include gossips and possible spills about the other parent. Be prepared.

– Compliments, dish them out.

– Take pictures.

– Teach them how to do/use something (usually their phones or gadgets).

– Tell them bits about your life and seek out their opinions. Parents love when they are asked for opinions about your personal life.

– Upload pictures. Show your parents off. Snap chat, instagram stories, whatsapp stories etc.

– Enjoy the time, you’ll get over it soon.

How to survive traveling with your parents:

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– Respect them. Carry along a huge dose of patience.

– Don’t forget their meds, if any. Be prepared to attend to their medical needs at anytime.

– Be ready to tolerate them. Bend to their wishes.

– Abide by their packing list (especially mum’s)

– Carry your sweater and headtie (for females, you’ll need for prayers at regular intervals)

– Do not be on your phone all the time.

– Carry a book (parents love when you’re reading)

– Don’t forget your manners (you’ll need it) .

– Don’t be on the phone for too long.

– Always rethink your next sentence. Pause before you speak.

– Don’t make them feel like a burden.

– Sleep is your major survival hack. Use it!


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All the reasons to travel with your parents might be annoying to you. However, as grown ups, it’ll mean everything to them. I recently discovered this when I travelled for an occasion with my mum.

– It makes them happy.

– It creates the perfect time and atmosphere for a nice parent-child discussion.

– Not to mention free advice.

– Are we forgetting the food? You would be well over fed.

– Parents love to show off their kids. Traveling together would present them with more of this opportunity.


Traveling with your parents could be another bonding experience . It could also drive you completely insane. It’s left for you to make it or Mar it.

I remember during my last vacation. I was on the phone with my bestfriend and I concluded the call with “Love you too honey”. That was the end for me!

My dad had to advise me for as long as I can remember. He prescribed bible passages. My dad didn’t even let me explain. I zoned out severally.

However, my mum on the other hand already knew who it was. If not. That would have been the final nail.


How do you feel about travelling with your parents?
Do you look forward to traveling with your parents?
How does the trip go? Fun or not?
Would you travel with your parents at any opportunity possible?

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