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Here is why you shouldn’t use Jewelry while traveling.

Today, let’s share our views on what we think about Travel Jewelries

So, there's this Aunty we had (say aunty Chi) . Aunty that stays in the abroad, now decided to come visit Nigeria for Christmas and dramatically show off (as they usually do). Like during my family women get together, it's a whole new game of who-has-the-most-expensive-stuff. We actually call her aunty showoff When describing her. Aunty Chi sent us pictures of her leaving the airport all glammed up and extra. I noticed her complete set of to-match accessories. Necklace and pendant, bracelet, earrings, ring too. One would think she's going for a society function straight outta the airport. 
Fast-forward to when she landed in Nigeria, had to spend 2 days in Lagos before coming down to Calabar. 
On one of her "I'm going to show Off to regular people" trips, the cab guy that carried her around took note of her jewelries and her "IJGB(i just got back) accent and probably thought in his mind "I'm gonna nail it!". Long story short, he threatened her, took her jewelries, Money and dropped her off in an unknown location. 
When she got to Calabar, all traumatized and humble, I'm sure the other family women were like "serves you right aunty showoff" or "now you'll learn".

Jewelries while traveling?

Some people love putting on jewelries while traveling, most especially when flying, For whatever reason necessary. Some other select few don’t really mind. Like let’s just get on with this trip already.

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Nose rings

Personally, when flying, I actually put on my basic beautifying jewelry. Necklace (optional), bead bracelets (my favs), earrings and a wrist watch maybe… Nothing extra, everything simple. Oh, and I Love nose rings too. Don’t judge and please, don’t tell my mama.

When it comes to road tripping, I feel so uncomfortable with anything on me. Save for a very small stud earring. Usually, there’s this feeling that the trip is already going to be tiring enough, so why try to over indulge yourself? Like, you’re going to be stressed, Just get to my destination already!

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In as much as I feel that way, my small travel bag contains my quick easy to wear jewelries. You know, Just incase I reach my destination on time. I’ll love to look beautiful. Or maybe, I’m trying to catch the eye of some handsome guy in the vehicle (and form for him if I succeed…lol).

Survey report…

I conducted a closed survey recently about what young people (students mostly) thought about jewelries while traveling. Most of them said No to it especially during road trips. Their reasons being:-

Negative reasons:

– Their overweighing feeling.
– Attracts petty thieves particularly in an unknown location.
– Might get careless and loose them.

Positive reasons:

The people that said yes, though mostly females, gave the reason that they

– Can’t do without accessories
– Have to look good always (even when road tripping through hell)
– Like to show off.

Yes, someone said she likes to show off what she got… And I’m like huh?! Well, different people, different reasons.

Nevertheless, I think traveling with jewelries are okay. Just not the extravagant dramatic ones that’ll be screaming “I’m here!”… Lol.

Just incase you feel uncomfortable with travel jewelries, have a small purse or bag where you can keep them handy and reach out when you need to.

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Most travelers I know don’t really go all out with their beautifying jewelries. We love to keep it simple. Most adventurous travelers might not use any at all. You don’t want to loose Anything expensive to your adventures.

If you feel comfortable with travel accessories, then go for them, moderately. Trust me, it’s safer. it’ll keep the attention off you.

If you don’t, it’s fine. Do not put pressure on yourself, you look amaze-balls already!

What do you think about jewelries while traveling?
Negative or positive views are welcomed.

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