Kick starting the SAVINGTOTRAVEL campaign strong, we are interviewing a lot of travel lovers. Allmyview wants to know why people do not travel and how we can help. Especially young people who has a lot to gain from traveling. This passionate traveler gave travel advice for all young people concerning traveling and the travel community.

Name: Juliet.

Interests: Travel, Food and photography.

Instagram handle: @thewakaabout

Juliet is an Enthusiastic traveler. She shares photos taken with her phone on her trips.

We asked her if she would love to help us with inspirational stories from young travelers on how they afford to travel, why they travel and what do they think about the travel industry in Nigeria today.

Here’s what Juliet had to say:


Money! Money!! Money!! Money has always been the reason and excuse most people haven’t embarked on that trip they’ve been longing for. I come with good/bad news that you won’t ever go on that trip if you keep using money as excuse coming from someone who spent 18months in UK and never visited London,, not to talk of going to any European country because I kept on using money as an excuse.

Now, have you solemnly accept never to use money as an excuse? If yes, then you can continue reading.

First of all, start saving, no amount is small (but you know N50 is small she 😅). Little savings goes a long way, I’m sure you are saying out loud that your little savings can’t take you dream trip, maybe Santorini, Maldives etc.

She also added a few tips to help you explore better:

Start exploring your backyard with your little savings, you’ll see how exploring places you can afford would prompt you to double your savings, so you can travel to places you thought you could not afford. Travelling leaves you with the urge of wanting more. It exposes you!! Travel industry, they say is a saturated industry but don’t let that deter you. Although I’m still new in the industry. I am of those that believe one can be flourish in an industry regardless of if it’s saturated or not. What matters most is attitude and determination towards success.

So start now!!

What do you think about what she said? Any additional ideas, let’s hear it below.

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