There SHE is visual Arts exhibition.

The principle of true art is not to portray but to evoke. Evoke all forms of impressions known and unknown to the soul.

– Quote by Yours truly

There She is visual arts exhibition:

There SHE is visual arts exhibition was (still is) a peephole into the vast world of the female mind and her internal state of being. The exhibition is one that portrays the artists’ views about life as young women making it out to fulfilling their career and voice out their struggles.

The opening ceremony held on 12th may, 2018 at the Fontini Cristi art gallery in Ekehuan, Benin city. The exhibit showcased works of only female artists as the theme, There SHE is, tried to give off.

The exhibit runs from 12th May to 21st may, 2018. There SHE is visual arts exhibition focused on works from 5 main artists.

  • Okorodudu Faith
  • Ofule Nkem Precious
  • Nnoli Chidinma Juliet
  • Okozio Lawrencia Nnedinso
  • Chukwu Onyinye Praise.

They are mostly trained visual artists from the University of Benin. The artists used their art as a tool for responding to social concerns. Social concerns of the female gender.

The artworks on display were very emotional pieces. Pieces everyone, not just females, can connect with. It depicts the varying emotions the female species in different situations undergo in all aspects of living. They explored the issues, challenges, and concerns that women are faced within the society.

Faith Okorodudu took everyone present on a detailed tour of the gallery. She explained in full about all the art pieces in the gallery.

Each artwork was like poetry. Coming from much more than an intellectual place. A deep part of each artist soul.

I loved Faith’s works. I felt the most emotion coming from them. Maybe this was because I spent more time on her pieces. They sort of reminded me of past situations in my life.

Technological Details

Most artworks there were of a common concept. Portraiture. All the paintings were expressed in non-converging media of oil paint, acrylic, pastel, pencil, charcoal, etc.

Acrylic paint

Acrylic is a fast-drying paint made of pigment suspended in acrylic resin. Acrylic paints are water soluble. They, however, become water resistant when dry.
The way the female artists at the There SHE is visual arts exhibition revamped their acrylic paint to have its own unique properties showed their level of creativity.

A lot of Artists use Acrylic paint for crafting, because it does not require any chemicals, and rinses away with just water. It also is less likely to leave a stain on clothes than oil paint.

Oil paint:

A paint in which the colors are suspended in an oil such as linseed oil which hardens on exposure to the air.

Oil paint is used by artist mainly because of its quick drying nature. Varying from color to color.

Some paintings showcased at the exhibition featured the use of oil paint. The art pieces are very recent works. What better way to dry even faster than use oil paint?


An artwork made using pastels is called a pastel. A pastel drawing or pastel painting.

The color effect of pastels is near natural dry pigments than that of any other process. To achieve this natural look, some artworks at the There SHE is visual arts exhibition were created using pastels.

The artworks made using pastels appealed at a more realistic level to most present.


A pencil is a writing utensil that uses graphite or lead. Regular pencils usually have a graphite shaft surrounded by wood.

Pencils are used to sketch. They can also be used to model artworks before actual work.


In Chemistry: Impure carbon obtained by destructive distillation of wood or other organic matter, that is to say, heating it in the absence of oxygen.
In plain English: A stick of black carbon material used for drawing.

A drawing made with charcoal. Charcoal has a very dark grey color. Almost as if it is a black and white picture.

I can’t clearly recall the artist that created the happy face of a little boy with charcoal. She made it seem so perfect. I couldn’t help but also smile. A smile so contagious.

The There SHE is visual arts exhibition is one that tells a tale of that woman who can stand up for herself and others. But then, she wears an invisible veil that covers her pains and struggles while her face expresses beauty and strength.

A moral lesson:

I learned from the exhibition that women are strong. There’s totally nothing to be ashamed of in being a female. It’ll also do us a great deal of good if we speak out more using mediums where our passion lies.

What do you think about women speaking up more in the world today? Share with us in the comment box.

PS: The artworks are for sale. Feel free to walk in at any time and purchase one or ten.

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