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“When you are bored, just search google map and go to someplace new”. That’s what I woke up with on my mind as I thought of what to do that Thursday morning. Then it hit me! Go to The studio at Parkview!

I recalled how much I’d love to be there. All the pictures on the gram. The art residing there. The creativity that dwells in that building. All these thoughts had to be compared to the stress of going out in this hot and irritating Lagos. Imagine how only one bad thought can extinguish a gazillion good thoughts from your mind. That’s what the thought of Lagos does mehn. Stresses you out!

If it were to be you, which would you choose? The studio at Parkview of course! If you’re going to end up stressed, it might as well be for a good cause.

Concluded morning chores and left home. Using my Google maps, a driver and a friend who knew the road to the location, it was an easy feat finding the studio.


Location of the studio:

It is located at park view estate. After crossing the Lekki – Ikoyi private bridge, Using the road by your right, drive straight until you get to Parkview estate. It is by your right. You are expected to stop for security check at the gate. Immediately after the gate, you’ll find a shopping complex or arena. By the right. That’s where the studio is located at.

The studio at Parkview is the building in the middle. With the signatory beetles right outside. You can’t miss it. If you do, go to the clinic and check your eyes or your mind… Lol.

About the studio at Parkview:

It is 2 floors of a creative space. Filled with handcrafted artworks by Mrs Polly Alakija. It is more or less an art shop (downstairs) and a workshop (upstairs).


The entrance:

It is a simple but innovatory entrance. The studio at Parkview has this homely and welcoming look. Just like its owner, Mrs Polly Alakija. Oh! The signatory beetles!

Inside the studio at Parkview:

I realized it is called the studio at Parkview because it is located at Parkview estate. Genius much! On walking in, I took a mega stare at the place and paused. It was enchanting. Magical. Just like me. You can’t take it all in at once!

Some guys were setting up the place, putting up decorations. Mrs Polly casually walked towards us, with that smile I’ll never forget. Welcoming us cheerfully to the studio. She apologized for how the place looked. Said they are still setting up. I smiled back with an ear to ear grin, greeted her and said it was fine. It was more than fine! The place looked so good still. I said hi to the guys setting up and the people around. Found a comfortable seat, dropped my bag (cos ain’t nothing holding your girl back from enjoying every bit of the place) and started looking around.


The tour:

The studio at Parkview is a place filled with innovative and creative art. It fit the perfect description of fine art in my mind. Art drawings were all over the walls. Other art items were arranged all around the place. Items like notebooks, todo lists, greeting cards, gift baskets, straw bags, scarfs, umbrellas, cute sculptures, throw pillows and bed pillows, magazines, and many more. All handmade with love by Mrs Polly.

I was particularly awed by the inventive canoe table. A large table, like a centre table but in the shape of a canoe.

About the owner:

Mrs Polly Alakija is an American. She came to settle in Nigeria in 1989. Mrs Polly is a vibrant young woman filled with so much life, love, and energy, just like her artworks.

One of her projects I knew that got me a bit acquainted with her is the art drawings on the pillars of the Falomo bridge, Ikoyi, Lagos.

From what I noticed at The studio at Parkview, she is interested in the culture of the Nigerian people. She also has an interest in family and everything about the family. Judging from the designs on the cards, the art on the wall. Did I also mention that she loves Canoes?! Like everything ended up in or around a canoe!

Things to do at The studio, Parkview:

1) The studio at Parkview is a place to visit if you’re looking for a different definition of gift items, homemade creative items, spices and soaps. Nothing regular is found there. Everything is magic! Everything!

2) When bored and looking for a bit of artistic inspiration, head over to the studio. You’ll be warmly received.

3) The instagramable environment makes it a place worth visiting. After buying stuff, just take those nice pictures for the gram. Do not forget to tag @thestudio_parkview official handle.

4) Need art paintings? Magical art paintings? The studio is your best bet!

5) The Beetles! Yes, the painted beetles in front of the studio. Even if you’re not getting anything. Just to take a picture with the beetles, sit on it, gist with friends, laugh a lot and have fun. The studio is a place worth visiting. Inside and outside.

6) People come to the studio to get customised gift cards, wedding cards, souvenirs and even to book for personal art services. All made by Mrs Polly herself.

7) Art classes. You can enrol your kid in art classes here. I saw a poster at the door for kiddies art classes. Not sure of that of adults yet.

When you visit, be sure to say hi to Mrs Polly. You can’t miss her. The white “oyibo” woman there. In fact, she would even welcome you herself! Feel free. Look around and get something.

I got a nice weekly planner from there. It is so beautiful. I really wasn’t thinking about writing when I got it. For someone with lots of jotters and even more. Blame the nerd in me. But for the first time, I got a book just because it was magical. I feel everything I write in it would automatically come alive mehn…

I should probably start writing my dreams of going everywhere in the world with my mother. Do you think it would come alive?

The questions:
What do you think about The studio at Parkview?
Have you ever been there?
Would you love to visit?
Or would you rather I take you there? Let me know in the comment box.
If you’re interested and you would want me to take you on a tour there, let me know in the comment box.

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