Monday, July 23, 2018


My love for travel coupled with my passion to explore the environment around me gave birth to this blog. After about 3 years of constant travelling and sightseeing, I decided to pen down all the beautiful memories I made, to show everyone the nice places in the world, to inspire people that you could see the world regardless of what you think might be your discouragement. That’s how allmyview came about.

The name “AllMyView” perfectly represents my brand and niche. As a travel blogger, the brand name  gives you a bit of an immediate insight to what the brand represents. It compels that inner explorer in you to crave for more of what the brand holds in store. Like all you can see. Not just physically but virtually and beyond.


As time goes on, several products and services would be incorporated to give viewers maximum satisfaction and build trust within and even beyond reach.

Since inception, AllMyView provides accurate description of destinations and would continue to. It is and would continue to be a go-to page for explorers seeking virtual preface and guide to new destinations..

It also holds in stock several other aspects of travel blogging. In a bid to keeps its users entertained with diverse parts of travel.



Categories allmyview covers


  • Food: Food is an essential part of human existence. living without food is not living at all. Travel isn’t complete without exploring several delicacies in the different locations. Curating delicious food content that keeps you inspired is our aim.


  • Technological DIY’s: Due to technological advancements today, the need for easier ways of carrying out tasks cannot be overemphasized. While traveling, you learn new ways of handling problems. A different way. Sharing all the technology advanced methods of living is a key point in our goal.


  • Aspects of arts and crafts: Arts is the mother of innovation and technology. Art is creativity. Technological advancements, travel and every other thing would not be possible without art. We are curating the best creative views from all our travels to keep you excited and inspired.


  • Adventure series: There’s no harm in trying out new things. From our dream of climbing mount Everest to paragliding around the Bermuda triangle! Nothing is impossible with allmyview!

Stay tuned as allmyview present all the aspects of travel that you love while keeping you entertained and inspired!


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