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As much as people who are native to Nigeria probably take their home country for granted, the reality is it’s a beautiful place to visit, especially if you’re just seeing it for the first time. Of course no foreign traveler could realistically see the whole country in one trip, but no matter which coast they start on, there is something to see for everyone. If you want to experience cultural diversity, you can do that in Calabar during the Calabar carnival. Who knows, you just might bump into a celebrity while engaging in your tourist activities. On the other hand if you want to experience the big city to end all big cities, there is of course Lagos, both the city and the state. That is actually what this whole list is dedicated to…. 10 OF THE BEST STATES IN NIGERIA FOR TOURISTS. Find out which states foreign visitors love to visit most; the state that holds the number one spot won’t surprise you at all, but there are definitely a few in the top 10 that will.



Having stayed in Rivers state for a while (port Harcourt), it is safe to say that Rivers state is making this list not only because of the environment, but because of their love for culinary experiences. a state rich in sea food, Port Harcourt, the capital city is filled with a wide variety of food houses. Ranging from pastries and cakes for the sweet tooth indulges to sumptuous whole delicacies for the foodies. They go as far as intercontinental dishes for food explorers like myself. Rivers state is one of the Oil hubs in Nigeria, with a large number of expatriates and non-indigenes, it is only required that the state keeps up with ways of entertaining this guests. Food is the states way of contributing to tourism in Nigeria.

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Nigerians would agree with me that Bauchi state is one of the earliest tourism hubs in the country. Created in 1976, the 49,119 km square state has a standing population of 4,653,066 people. Bauchi state is endowed with natural scenic environments, solid minerals, wild life as well as domestic animals. Top tourist attractions in the state includes the


Every year, Bauchi receives an exponentially growing influx of tourists from the country and beyond.

8) EDO:

Home to one of the most powerful traditional rulers in the world, Edo state is one that draws respect and enthusiasm to visit from outsiders all over the world. It even gets a lot more visits during traditional festivals like the prestigious coronation ceremony of the Oba of Benin. Attractions in Edo state includes

  • The national museum,
  • Okomu national park,
  • Ogba zoo,
  • Igun street (listed as a cultural heritage site by UNESCO),
  • somorika hills, the Benin moat,
  • Victor Uwaifo’s art gallery,
  • the Oba’s palace,etc.

7) ONDO:

Ondo state also called the sunshine state in Nigeria is a land blessed with exciting tourist sites. Akure is the heart and state capital of Ondo. The state is mostly Occupied by the Yoruba’s. An amazing discovery found here was a rock which was engraved during the Mesolithic period. Some Homo Sapien’s fossils which happen to be the oldest in West Africa were also discovered here. Top tourist attractions in Ondo state includes

  • Idanre hills,
  • cave of Ashes,
  • Igbokoda waterfront,
  • Igbo Olodumare (forest of the almighty),
  • Ebomi lake tourist centre,
  • Owo museum of antiques,
  • Deji of Akure palace, etc.


Enugu state also called the coal city is famous for its scenic views, undulating plateaus and rich cultural diversity.

Enugu State is a tourist delight, with ancient historical relics, several recreational spots and beautiful arts and craft. The people are friendly and hospitable, there are more than enough exciting places for both leisure and business activities. If you are planning to visit for leisure and looking to see top attractions, you can start from

  • Milken hills,
  • Awhum cave and waterfalls,
  • Ngwo caves and waterfall surrounded by the Ngwo pine Forrest,
  • Iheneke lake,
  • Opi lake complex,
  • Ogelube lake,
  • Nike lake resort,
  • Ugwueme hills,
  • Udi hills,
  • Ani Ozaala lake,
  • silicon hill,
  • Bona gallery,etc.

You can also engage in leisure activities like Polo at the Polo club, visit the Enugu museum, and attend some intruiging cultural festivals.

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5) OGUN:

Ogun State is home to some of the most historical places in Nigeria, hence the reason it is on this list. The Ogun state government has shown a huge amount of interest in tourism by renovating and refurbishing tourist sites in and around the stat. When going on a trip to any of these tourist attractions in Ogun State, check here for what you should take along with you. The attractions includes

  • Olumo rock,
  • Lisabi sacred forest,
  • Bilikisu Sungbo shrine,
  • Ebute Oni tourist beach,
  • Madam Tinubu shrine,
  • June 12 cultural centre, kuto,
  • Abeokuta museum,
  • Osuuru water springs,
  • palace of the Alake of Egba land,
  • Saam health farm and holiday resort,
  • palace of the Olowu of Owu,
  • Yemoji natural swimming pool, etc.

You can also visit during cultural festivals to see a wide display of the culture and traditions of the Ogun state people, attend the Iwopin boat regatta or go to the Itoku market. Some mordern day installations includes The hi impact planet, OOPL wildlife park, OOPL rounda fun spot, Foab event and amusement park, Ologe lagoon, etc.


The unique climate conditions of Plateau State and the numerous tourism attraction and spots has made Plateau State the home of peace and tourism and also tourist haven of Nigeria.
Beautiful scenery, a rich cultural and historical heritage and excellent weather give Plateau State strong potential as a destination for tourism and recreation. With spectacular rock formations to climb, peaceful spots to picnic in, lakes for swimming, and a wide variety of wildlife to see there is plenty to attract both visitors and investors. Plateau is home to over 50 ethnic groups and referred to as “Nigeria in miniature”. Some of its attractions includes,
  • Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture,
  • Shere Hilliyom Rock,
  • Pandam Game Reserve and Lake,
  • Kahwang Rock Formation,
  • Miango Rest House,
  • National Museum Jos,
  • Jos Zoological Garden,
  • Wildlife Safari Park,
  • Assop Falls,
  • Kurra Falls, Wase Rock,
  • Jos plateau, wild bunch amusement park, etc.
Jos, the state capital and an important commercial centre with road, rail and air links to the rest of the country, is being promoted with some success as a venue for conference tourism. Sports tourism is another, particularly golf and polo, and there are attempts to revive horse racing.


Lagos State is arguably the most economically important state of the country. It is a major financial centre and would be the fifth largest economy in Africa, if it were a country. Locally, Lagos is well known for its global presence, business and entrepreneurship support as well as holiday destinations, relaxation places and beaches. Having explored Lagos, check here for 75 places to chill in Lagos. However, I’ll list some natural attractions in Lagos state. They include


Kaduna, usually referred to as Kaduna State to distinguish it from the city of Kaduna, is a state in Northwest Nigeria. Its capital is Kaduna. The word Kaduna is said to be a corruption of a Gbagyi word/name for a river. Another version of the etymology of the name is a narrative linked to the Hausa word for crocodile. It is indicative that the name, Kaduna, was taken up by Lord Frederick Lugard and his colonial colleagues when they moved the capital of the then Northern Region from Zungeru to Kaduna in 1916. Kaduna is blessed with natural environment and boasts of several tourist attractions including;

  • Nok village
  • Fifth chukker polo club
  • Kajuru castles
  • Kamuku national park
  • Matsirga waterfalls
  • Gamji park
  • Abu wall of fame
  • Kaduna museum
  • Sarkin samaru
  • The Emir’s palace,
  • Luggard’s foot bridge,
  • Kaduna polo club, etc.


Cross River is a state in South South Nigeria,bordering Cameroon to the east. Its capital is Calabar, and its name is derived from the Cross River (Oyono), which passes through the state. French, Boki, Ejagham and Efik are major languages of this state. Cross River State sits comfortably at the number one spot of tourism states in the country. Owing that achievement to its well crafted out natural environments, its active support for tourism displayed in the calabar carnival holding every year. Other attributes that prolongs the state’s stay at the head of tourism in Nigeria includes

  • The Agbokim waterfall
  • Kwa falls,
  • Obudu mountain resort.
  • Cross river national park.
  • Afi mountains wildlife sanctuary,
  • Drill ranch,
  • Oban hills,
  • Marina resort,
  • Eleven eleven,
  • National museum,
  • Tinapa business and leisure resort, etc.

Cross river state is arguably the head of tourism in Africa. If you doubt this, consider coming for the 2018 international carnival holding this year. That of 2017 saw in attendance displays from over 200 countries in the world. This year promises to be even bigger.

aside that, calabar is blessed in the culinary aspect too. Delicacies like the Afang soup, Edikan-Ikong soup, Ekpangnkukwo and the Afia Efere have gone international all the way from Cross River state.

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