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Terra kulture, Terra kulture, Terra kulture…  Oh please! 🤕
You couldn’t possibly bear the thought of hearing about someplace more than a million times without satisfying the curious cat in you. It seemed as though a Lagos mini look-around  wouldn’t be whole without paying this widely-spoken-about place a courtesy visit. So as an explorer and Arts enthusiast, who had heard about the Terra kulture arena severally, I set out on the Terra kulture quest 💪😎 and it was…well I’m not going to jinx it just yet…  Stay with me and let’s tour together.


It was a bubbly Tuesday morning, prayers said and preparations to set out to terra kulture had been finalized. After the hectic struggle of getting around Lagos, I finally made it to Victoria Island (VI) . On getting to VI,  I had to use my ever helpful Google Map (thank the stars for technology) and commercial tricycles (keke) to navigate my way down there.

The Terra kulture building isn’t as massive as you’d expect but its whole environs and design was perfect for it. Considering the very appealing things said about this place –my colossal mind had pictured something as big as the whole of China (Colossal mind remember…).

I walked into the compound. Trying to  place the entrance so I won’t seem like a new visitor. I almost hit my face on the glass door 😂😂, thank God I didn’t because I’m certain the people inside were in for a good laugh that morning.

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As I stepped in, the first part that grabbed my attention were the shops by the left. Lots of hand made accessories are displayed for sale, really beautiful ones😵. I was totally taken in by the sampled goods… Snap out Ezinne! No excess money yet! Well, we’ll get there someday. Moving on…

At first glance, one major thing to notice is that the whole arena had this subtle yet high-end design that depicts a tasteful owner. Terra kulture is owned by Mrs Bolanle Austen-Peters, a successful playwright and one of the big names in the art industry of Nigeria.

Let’s look around, shall we?

I walked over to the counter, said hi to the beautiful young lady I met before going ahead to make a quick inquiry about the location of the art gallery as that is one of the major attractions there –depending on your mission.

The Arts gallery.



There’s this elevated walkway that leads to the gallery from the food lounge. Its rails are nicely crafted wooden art designs. The Terra Kulture Art Gallery is a destination all on its own for any art enthusiast (like you and I) in Lagos. On entry, there’s a receptionist at the right who welcomes you and tells you all you need to know about the gallery. Questions are always entertained The instruction there is not to take pictures of the art Works. You could only take pictures of yourself with the artworks in the background, of course, which to me is fair enough.

The main tour.

The major highlight of the tour is this phenomenal Art gallery. Several detailed canvases filled with painted dreams, visions,feelings and emotions of their respective artists are on exhibit. It was a whole different outburst of something really indescribable with each canvas observed. There were about 4 rooms of marvelous works, 3 sub rooms with entrances from the main room.

Some artworks I fell in love with are; the awakening by Olawumi Banjo, soul gazing by Abdulrazaq Ahmed, failing blue by Obiora Anaweleze, honey by Soila Olayinka, and a lot more than I could really remember.
Suray Adekola and Abdulrazaq Ahmed are artists that should be looked out for.
As usual, the artworks in the gallery are for sale at a relatively considerable price.

The reading room


The Terra kulture reading room or study room with Wi-Fi is an information hub for art minded individuals. It is open to everyone seeking knowledge about arts and everything beyond. Books of your choice can be purchased from the Terra kulture books and info hub.

The Terra kulture arena

The 400 sitter space is equipped with state of the art lighting, sound, stage and audio visual LED screen comparable to what obtains in theatres all over the world. It was recently launched and  is open for business and bookings. Theatre plays and shows are held here. Most of the plays held there are open for the general public. Just be on the lookout for one of those shows, you’ll love them.

The food lounge 

The food lounge is apparently the ground floor of the building. The most eye catching part of it is the nicely crafted chairs and tables, and of course the mouth watering food menu you are served with as soon as you are comfortably settled in. The menu consists of delicacies for breakfast, lunch and dinner and are prepared with the utmost speed while retaining it’s world class standard. People with busy work schedules make their way to Terra kulture just to enjoy a nice lunch treat.

Other attractions

There are other factors that makes Terra kulture stand out from all the other art galleries I’ve been to. They include

The terra kulture terrace

This is an outdoor space mainly for relaxation purpose. The nicely mowed lawn, the comfortable chairs and tables set under each private canopy gives the perfect ambience of a lulling outdoor relaxation.

The roof garden

The language school


Although I didn’t take much pictures (cos it was a solo and private tour), photocredit goes to these guys and these guys too

Terra kulture is and would remain one of my many lagos tour highlights. Whenever you’re in Lagos, prolly bored or just searching for *things to do in Lagos*, Terra kulture should be one of your go-to places for a serene experience.

Lagos awaits you!       With Love – Ezi

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