Tech fest is a technology festival for everyone using technology to change the perspective of startups in the country. Tech fest is a catalyst for Nigeria’s growth engine, connecting entrepreneurs to investors thereby increasing the chances of business success. Let’s take a look at some lessons from tech fest Nigeria, 2018.

The 2-day event held at the landmark event center at oniru, Lagos. Being the first of its kind in Nigeria, tech fest emphasizes mainly on co-creation, collaborations, and partnership as the way forward in the industry today.

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Women Lessons from tech fest Nigeria, 2018:

Women were not left out in the tech talks. Technology knows no gender as the female facilitators took the tech-hungry audience through a very insightful session. The female session was themed “The tech girl rising”.

The tech girl rising speakers were Top Women in varying fields of their companies brought together by technology. They were;


Partner / west Africa strategy and operations leader at deliotte and touche.


VP, VISA west Africa.


Program manager, CodeLagos.


Founder/CEO, Sankore.


Founder/MD at Wandieville Media.

They spoke about women shaking up the tech world. Women in tech continuously rising. They unknowingly encouraged a lot of other females to bravely venture into tech-related fields.

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Topics covered at techfest Nigeria, 2018:

Some Topics covered at tech fest includes;

  • Leveraging the use of big data for small businesses.
  • Operating in the digital economy.
  • Education in the digital age.
  • Operating in the digital world.
  • Expanding Nigeria’s technology frontiers.
  • The technology of Drones.
  • Attracting and working with angel investors.
  • Education in the digital age.
  • The digital transformation of healthcare in Nigeria.
  • Communication, content, and sharing.
  • Will robots take all our jobs?
  • Expanding Nigeria’s Technology Frontiers: The Roadmap to 5G.
  • The theme of payment.

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Lessons from tech fest Nigeria, 2018:

A lot was said, a lot was preserved. Some take-home lessons were:

  • Technology would provide the needed collaboration to grow industries.
  • The credit market is largely underdeveloped but data reveals that a huge percentage of Nigerians pay back their loans.
  • As we grow our businesses, we realize that we are not just building solutions but building capacities that businesses can leverage.
  • Precision farming helps achieve sustainable production. It provides a very stable clear platform for financing.
  • Technology helps us be more willing to invest, because of dependability of information made available.
  • Technology will become lime electricity. You don’t have to be a coder.
  • Women are blessed with emotional intelligence. That’s why we need female developers in Artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Technology is the backbone of most banking industries, thereby making it a lot easier to access funds.
  • Appreciating diversity is the key to unlocking never before seen progress in the race for gender inclusion across industries.
  • Let’s take away the labels. Women should start seeing themselves as leaders. Not just “women leaders”.
  • Startups should not place a huge priority on funding. Energies should be focused instead on building a solid business model. Then you would be in good position for investments.

  • 57% of people still listen to the radio for discovering new music. Radio has come to stay because there’s a latent trust in radio. Create that latent trust for your business too.
  • Accept all follow requests from your LinkedIn platform as it increases the audience your content reaches.
  • Banks need to act as integrators of businesses and existing payment solutions rather than building their own technology.
  • It is important that you focus your time on your business. Quit thinking that raising money is your business.
  • From conceptualization, when you’re planning your systems and products, you should prepare for security. It should not be an afterthought.
  • As long as you don’t underestimate new technologies and keep up with the trends, your platform will remain in another 10 years.
  • Keep your eyes open, learn and master emotional skills that cannot be replaced by a machine.

  • The illiterate of tomorrow would be one who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.
  • Forget the doomsday analysts, robots will not take all our jobs. There’ll always be jobs for humans and as more technology companies spring up, there’ll be more job creations.
  • With 5G, there’ll be an astronomical increase in capacity, speed, connected devices, reliability and lower latency.
  • The future of payment will be based on fragmentation and aggregation.
  • The future of commerce will be influenced by user experience, data (privacy) and collaboration.

Highlights of techfest Nigeria, 2018:

Some key things went down at techfest. They are;

  • MTN showcases 5D technology and other innovations.
  • Some prices were won each day.
  • In the end, a young start-up walked home with 10million naira.
  • Best drone from p_incubator walked home with the 10 million naira cash.

Tech fest was mostly about building Nigeria’s technology landscape in relation to aiding in business growth. Startups and existing business should leverage all the ideas shared at tech fest in preparation for future changes.

Were you in attendance at tech fest?

What other insightful lessons did you learn?

Do you think tech fest should continue, judging from the first tech fest event?

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