As a student traveler, it was tasking to raise up money to travel at a whim. Especially when saving up wasn’t my strong suit. My dad used to call me a spend thrift, wherever he got the word from. Fast-forward to when I started my internship, I felt “finally, I’m going to earn enough money to travel every month! “. Yeah, I said that without thinking. However, after the first month, I had no sufficient money to travel. Annoying right?

Then I thought of all the times I ate lunch extravagantly, all the after work unnecessary spendings. If only I had saved up some of that cash. Too bad.

Many young people are like me. With the current rise of hunger to travel and explore more, the travel industry in Nigeria is booming. Nonetheless, some young people like me can not afford to travel mainly because they never kept money aside for this purpose.

-Ezinne. Founder @allmyview

Kick starting the SAVINGTOTRAVEL campaign on instagram, we at Allmyview are in the business of making travel financially accessible for everyone. We believe money shouldn’t be an excuse not to see the world.

Allmyview is a community that is shaping the face of next generation travelers. A tribe of young people breaking the normal way of traveling.

While travelling, we know the importance of ecotourism and giving back to the society. This we plan to do at all times.

Join us as we take you through a painless way of affording to travel.

We are a tribe, a community and we are working together at all times.

Traveling is fun and enlightening. So should saving up for it be.

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