Been holding this for a while now. I’m ready to share how my visit to omu resort, Lagos, went.

Omu resort is Located at bogije town along the lekki-Epe expressway in Lagos.

Directions to Omu resort, Lagos.

Coming from the lekki toll-gate. Take a bus to Ajah. Take another bus or tricycle (Keke) to ShopRite junction at sangotedo. There are cabs at the junction heading to bogije town. Tell the driver to drop you off at kajola bus stop. The road from kajola bus stop to the resort isn’t too good. However, cars and bikes can make it to the resort easily. The only available commercial option is via bikes. Take a bike straight up to the resort.


You can either order for an uber to take you directly to the resort. Or charter a vehicle that takes you directly to the resort. This would cost you about 6,000 naira if you’re coming from lekki phase 1.

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At the entrance, you’re required to pay an amount of money to gain entrance. There are 3 different range of Tickets.

  1. The gold ticket – 3,000 naira
  2. The platinum ticket – 6,000 naira
  3. The prime ticket – 8,000 naira

Per person each.

There are also group prices, in case you’re looking to go with a couple of friends or family.

The different tickets grants you access to different fun activities. The more expensive your ticket is, the more activities you are allowed to access.


At omu resort, there are countless activities to derive joy from. Sometimes, a whole day isn’t nearly enough to discover all the amazing activities the resort holds in store.

Activities to participate in are:

  • Kayaking:

    There is a two feet deep pool for kayaking (boat paddle). There are different sizes of boats available. The single one (contains one person) and the larger boat (contains a maximum of 2 people). There’s an instructor available too.

  • Roller skating:

    There is a skating arena at the omu resort. There’s an instructor for newbies and a safety personnel for everyone that’s skating.

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  • Archery:

    The archery zone is a fun zone. There’s an instructor that coaches people on archery skills. This was my favorite activity at the resort. I had no prior archery skills, zero coaching and I still secured a bullseye at my first trial. I was so impressed that I’ve begun plans to take archery lessons.

  • Go-karting:

    The go-kart arena was my first stop. I’ve always loved anything that puts me in control. Driving is one of such activities. According to the safety instructor there, my ticket allowed me 3 laps of go-karting. Imagine my disappointment. Although I ended up going 4 fast and reckless laps (driving skills was put to good use. Nonetheless, there is no side mirror to break in a go-kart), I wasn’t still satisfied.

  • Quad biking:

    As usual, there was an instructor here. The quad bike arena is a sandy area of uneven land. This made the ride more interesting and fascinating. The artificial little hills and valleys. Felt like a getaway go-kart in an action movie. Absolute fun!

  • Swimming:

    Although I didn’t go swimming because I have a phobia for huge bodies of water, I saw a lot of people having fun at the pool. Watching in envy isn’t my strong suit, so I just walked away sadly. Currently taking swim lessons in preparation for my epic return.

  • Water play:

    Near the pool is a water park.Just for fun water activities. It is for both old and young.

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  • Sea world museum:

    The sea world museum is an indoor U-shaped passageway. It showcases rare species of sea animals. Extremely rare and beautiful species.

  • The zoo:

    At the zoo, there are animals of different types. Wild animals too. An ostrich, a lion, etc. The highlight of my visit to the zoo was when it was feeding time for the lion. It was fed with a live goat. Too bad for the poor goat.

  • Grills and food houses:

    There are grills and food houses available for when hungry. However, visitors are allowed to bring their own food and snacks when coming.

  • Horse riding:

    Another fun activity there is horse riding. This is totally free for visitors. I can’t quite recall the name of the horse I rode, but he was obedient. It was my first time on a horse and it isn’t as scary as I thought.

  • Games:

Indoor games are available as well as outdoor games. For both adults and kids. Everyone is not left out in having a swell time at the resort.

  • Paintball arena:

    There’s a paintball arena there! Although each participant has to pay their way in. It’s a token of 2000 naira. I’ll love to go back there with members of my squad so we can unleash our shooting skills. Want to be part of the “squad” that eventually makes it back there? You might consider keeping up with me on Instagram cos updates go there regularly. You can also subscribe to our newsletter below cos all subscribers are automatically top members of the squad!

  • Others…

  • The resort had other fun activities. When you visit, be sure to take part in the space station ride and the pirate’s ship ride. Those are by far the most thrilling adventures at the omu resort. There’s also a mini golf course there for all golf lovers!

What to pack for a visit to omu resort:

Not sure what to pack, here’s a list for starters.

  • A camera or picture taking devices to capture all the amazing fun moments.
  • A spare set of clothes. You’re gonna play and need a change.
  • A swim set because the pool is that alluring
  • A towel to wipe yourself dry after the pool or water park.
  • Body lotion to moisten your body and keep it fresh looking.
  • Sunscreen in extremely hot weather conditions.
  • A face towel to wipe off sweat from your face.
  • Snacks and food for relaxation and refreshments.
  • Water, you should never run out of the water.
  • Money, because you need to pay your way in.


Omu resort is one of the top locations to unwind in Lagos. You can almost never get enough. At omu resort, adults get to loose themselves and play like kids. It’s like you’re in a different space altogether. It’s the perfect place to take kids, relax and have a thrilling day.

With 15,000 naira, you can have a mind-boggling time, have a nice relaxing meal and some drinks. The best part is that once you’ve paid the entrance fee, everything else in the resort is free! No extra hidden costs. All free to access.

Note: No stayovers. It’s a place for day activities only.

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