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We often run off to other countries looking for exotic locations. Not realizing Nigeria is blessed beyond measure and we are too busy chasing “perfect” locations to realise this. The Obudu mountain resort is one example of perfect places we have in Nigeria.

Recently, I was offered a Job as a tour guide for a group tour with xperience_tour to Obudu mountain resort. Xperience_tour is a modern day tourism company promoting travel while caring for their customers needs. They tailor experiences to fit everyone’s interest.

I was so glad to have received this offer. It was my first gig for a group tour. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done a couple of privates, so this was an eye opener to the world of group tours for me. First of many. I was supposed to be incharge of the tourists for the duration of the tour. Showing and explaining to them the places we visited.

The journey:

Since I was still on my temporary Job, I had to apply for a weekend off, which was granted to me. God wiling, it fell on my birthday weekend. Perfect.

I left Port harcourt for Benin to pick up some people and to drop off some things. From Benin , I headed for Enugu. I got there late, so I had to pass the night at a hotel in the city. From Enugu, I took an already paid for bus with other tourists to Obudu. Apparently, my Job started on the way.


You might ask why Enugu instead of going through Calabar. Well, Obudu is located in northern cross River and calabar is located in southern cross River. Distance between both pole is about 8 hours. Meanwhile, distance from Enugu to Obudu is just a little over 4 hours. Time had to be conserved.

A list of places to visit while you’re in calabar can be found here including the Marina resort.

On arrival:

The ranch is in Obanliku local Government area of cross River State. Not actually Obudu Local Government Area. I guess it is called Obudu conservation center because the whole community is commonly called Obudu.

We didn’t stay in the ranch on the arrival day. We stayed at a hotel which is 30 minutes away from the ranch. This was specifically done to reduce cost and prepare us for the breath taking view when approaching the ranch In the morning. You would miss it if you get there late. The view is Everything. A must see!

Obudu mountain resort Day :

After settling down, welcomed with a sumptuous plate of afang soup and pounded yam, we laid to rest for the adrenaline rush of the next day. I had to practise my speech and go over all the details I knew about the ranch as I had visited about twice before. Like some 2 – 3 years ago.

The next day came and we were all excited! Some people even got ready before breakfast. Lol. Breakfast was a nice plate of fried yam with egg sauce to go with it.

We got our official xperience tour Tee’s and tourist tags. Talk about professionalism at its peak.

The bus was ready, supplies packed up and we set out for the ranch. Before leaving, we were approached by some other guests at the hotel. They wanted to join in for the tour because they loved how organised we were. Too bad, the bus couldn’t take them because xperience tour puts their customers needs first. They were however welcomed to join us if they could find their way to the ranch, which they did.

Arrival at the Obudu mountain resort :

It was a smooth ride with lots to discuss. The journey started slowly with the driver playing Christian songs (because it was a Sunday) up until someone complained that we were done with the boring church service (the humor) lol. He had to switch to dope party songs to match our hype level.

At the entrance, we had to come down for some pictures with the legendary cattle head because, yunno, we had to show we came to the ranch. That was the signature that showed you actually did.

Entrance fees were paid for by the organisers while I took my time to explain to the guests how the Conservation center was founded and formed.

At the entrance, there’s water flowing through from a natural source. Almost like a mini water fall. We entered the bus for the great climb up to the ranch.

The ranch is located on the peak of the highest mountain there in Obudu. The ride was spectacular. We even obviously survived the sharp “Devils elbow” turn. The environment was… Surreal.

We basically rode through the clouds at a point. It gave us goosebumps. How nature could be so thrilling and scary at the same time.

The tour:

Finally arrived at the reception. I and the organisers had to go introduce ourselves, got a green permission card and a free tour guide. Yes, a free tour guide! So, I was basically relieved of my duties. Kinda. I still had to tend to the tourists needs and help them understand what the local tourist was saying.

The presidential lodge at the Obudu mountain resort:

We started at the presidential lodge. It is where the presidents (of Nigeria or otherwise) stay whenever they visit the ranch. The lodge is bullet proof for security sake. Even the glasses. The view from the presidential lodge is one of the best views of the ranch. We took pictures, heard some pretty interesting story about the lodge. Like seeing bullet marks on the wall and glass of a part of the lodge. The guide explained that one of the former presidents of Nigeria was testing how sophisticated and secure the lodge is. Well, seeing that no bullet perforations were found, it was concluded to be safe then.

The Grotto at Obudu mountain resort :

Next up was the grotto. It is a natural water source, flowing through rocks and vegetations. Apparently, the water is warm despite the cold environment. One of nature’s numerous mysteries. The water is good for consumption as well as other purposes. We were told that we could swim in the natural pool created by the flowing water, if we wanted to. Due to the absence of swim suits, the lest we could do was put our feet into the water.

There is also a sitting area. Like a dinning table with a wooden bench around it. We had lunch out there. Nothing beats that feeling. Hearing the flowing water, eating outdoor with the cool breeze on your skin even when the sun was shining really bright. Just the perfect weather.

The canopy walkway at Obudu mountain resort:

Yes! You think it’s only Lekki conservative that has a walkway in Nigeria.. Yh, you are wrong. Apparently, the walkway at the Obudu conservation center was the first we knew in Nigeria before that of Lekki conservative.

We headed to the walkway, expecting something probably as challenging as that of the Lekki conservative. Well, for those of us that have visited more than thrice. It was thrilling tho. Mostly because it was just one stage and pretty higher than the second stage of that of LCC. We got to the peak and the view there was breathtaking.

It was supposed to be my birthday weekend, remember? So, we shared the chocolate cake I brought to entertain everyone while taking in the view. Imagine chocolate cake with a very good view to go with. The world seemed so at peace.

The waterfall view at Obudu mountain resort:

Hiking isn’t an easy task. Especially when it is a 6 hour hike. Hell no! Nobody was prepared to hike that far in one day. Not after all the activities we’ve indulged in. So, we improvised. We drove up to a point where we could see the waterfall inbetween small mountains. And a perfect view of the smoking mountain. The smoking feel is caused by clouds as though it is coming out from the mountain. Unbelievable. Can you spot the waterfall from the picture above?

We took lots of pictures, made some awkward dance videos that might never make it to the internet. Spoke about why more people should experience the magic we were watching. How the obudu conservation center could improve their activities to draw in more visitors.

Home again:

After a day of appreciating nature, the clouds agreed it was time to go home as they started gathering round us. We packed up and into our vehicle, drove through the enclosing cloud and out of the ranch. Not without making a victory dance video and giving some money to some kids at the ranch. We also bought fruits like banana (cos that’s what they had mostly there), snails also (they were relatively cheap) and more bananas.
We headed out of the ranch and home.

What to wear:

If you are wondering what you should wear in the ranch? Let me help you.

During the day, it isn’t really cold. It gets so hot at a point. A good Tee shirt and a pair of trousers would do. Sports pants are most comfortable cos you would be subjected to lots of walking and hiking. You can order for your customized Tee’s by calling or whatsapp 08149410676 or check the allmyview “travel fits” shop on IG here.

A pair of sneakers would be perfect to go with to sooth your feet during the long walks.

The Obudu experience is one everyone agreed to relive again. Apparently, as a tour guide, I’ll never reject offers to go back there again (at a good price though).

Xperience tour has another Obudu conservation tour coming up from the 24th to 26th of December at a very affordable and unbelievable rate. For booking and enquiries, call / whatsapp me on 08149410676 or Ezera on 08138746092.

You can also be a part of this year’s calabar carnival. Join a band, accommodation, feeding city tour and also join the biggest street party in Africa. For further details and enquiries, call / whatsapp me on 08149410676.

I am Ezinne. An Art enthusiast and an Adventure lover with a Technology mindset. The allmyview blog is an avenue which gives major insight to the world of Adventure where Arts meets Technology.

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