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What you should know about your Nigerian Passport.

For legal migration, passports are issued to migrants. The passports are obtained from their country of migration. For Nigerians, the official Nigerian passport issued, generally, is the ECOWAS passport.

The Nigerian Passport:

Passports are issued to citizens of a country. Citizenship can be achieved by birth, naturalization, and registration. The following passport listed below are issued to Nigerians.

  1. Standard: Green color. Issued to all Nigerians.
  2. Official/service: Blue. For public servants.
  3. Diplomatic: Maroon. Diplomats.
  4. Emergency travel certificate (ETC): Issued by Nigerian embassies abroad in emergency situations.
  5. ECOWAS: valid only for travel within ECOWAS region.

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Basic requirements for obtaining a Nigerian passport:

Nigerian citizens are mandated to process their passport application online. The fundamental requirements include:

  1. A completed online application form.
  2. Evidence of payment.
  3. Payment Acknowledgement form and receipt.
  4. Birth certificate or declaration of age.
  5. Letter of state of origin from state liaison office or local government area.
  6. Completed guarantor’s form (before you run away. Lol).
  7. Recent passport photograph. Recent! Showing your ears.


  • Please ensure you give correct and accurate information always.
  • Do not use touts. Do not!
  • Avoid stapling your passport.
  • Keep the passport away from damp environments.
  • Don’t keep the passport in a hot environment.
  • Do not fold the passport.
  • Do not sit on your passport.

Adhere to the warnings. If not…

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  • The microchip in the passport could be damaged.
  • A damaged passport chip would render the passport unreadable.
  • An unreadable passport would not be accepted.
  • Your travel plans would be put on hold or totally canceled.

However, if you experience any challenges with your passport, fear not, for you can be helped. What to do…

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What to do when faced with passport challenges:

  • Report immediately to any migration office nearest to you.
  • Get a renewed passport.
  • If you’ve had a passport before, don’t get a new one. Instead, ask for a renewal.


Passport fraud is a huge crime punishable by law. Endeavor to go through the legally endorsed channels.

What other passport detail do you think I left out?

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