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It is no news that Serena Williams is the highest paid female tennis player. That is obviously possible due to her success and expertise in the sport. However, Serena didn’t start out as the best. Over the years, Serena was nurtured by herself and others to be where she is today. Our motivation focus – Serena Williams.


Born 26th September, 1981, the US tennis champion Serena Williams stared her career at the age of 3. Introduced to tennis alongside Venus ( her sister) by her dad. He was their coach for about 9 years. Serena started participating in competitions when she was a little over 14. In Year 1994, Contrary to her parents desires.


Serena won some matches and lost a lot during her early stages. She finished 1995 ranking as the 304th female tennis player in the world. In 1996, serena didn’t participate in any competitions that year.

In 1997, Serena recorded some losses and some wins too. She finished 1997 ranking at No 99 in the Women’s tennis world.

1998 saw Serena picking up the pace. She was at No 96 and played against players in the top 10. She Defeated some including Davenport ranked at No 3. She defeated Davenport in the quarter final stage before loosing to Arantxa Sanchez in the Semi finals.

Serena has played in so many matches over time. Striving and thriving continously. She has faced her sister, Venus, in some competitions like the Australia Open, etc.

In 1998, she reached more than 5 quarter finals during the year, but lost all of them. She withdrew from Wimbledon two games into a match with Virginia Ruano Pascual, after straining her calf muscle during the first set.
Serena Williams and her sister won two more doubles titles together during the year. Williams finished the year ranked No. 20 in singles. To date, 1998 is the only year in which Williams failed to win a Major title when she competed at all four majors.


Williams lost in the third round of the 1999 Australian Open to Sandrine Testud. A month later, Williams won her first professional singles title when she defeated Amélie Mauresmo in the final of the Open Gaz de France in Paris. In March of that year, at the Evert Cup in California, Williams won her first Tier I title, defeating Steffi Graf in the final. Soon afterward at the Miami Masters, Williams had her 16-match winning streak ended by her sister in the first all-sister singles final in WTA history, and she then made her top-10 debut, at No. 9.


We can see that Serena faced challenges. Racism, challenges from home, health and sports inflicted injuries. She however did not give up. Neither did she settle. Imagine her saying to herself everyday “I will be the best someday”. Motivating herself even during her looses.

Talent cannot hide for long. No matter how long her parents tried to keep her from playing, Serena was determined to show what she could achieve. Besides, you can only know how the game actually works by getting into the field (court in this case).

She started some years loosing. 2000 and 2001, she lost her first matches in both years. However, the losses didn’t stop her from concluding the year with wins. She finished at No 6 for both years. Advancing in her career.

She did not stop on account of Loosing because she had a future goal she set out to achieve. Being the best tennis player in the world.

When Serena got to the Number 2 spot, after Venus at number 1, she lost some competitions and dropped down to Number 10. Sad, just like the fall of a champion. Serena fell even further to No 11, for the first time in years. Nonetheless, this didn’t limit her from rising back up again to reclaiming her No 2 position again. After lots of games, battles and even an abdominal injury.

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Today, Serena Williams is a force to reckon with in the Tennis world. She is the highest earning female tennis player, the best (No 1) female tennis player, a mother and a wife.
Who said you cannot have it all? Serena as our motivation focus shows that once you are motivated to achieve greatness, nothing can hold you back. Not injuries, age limits, skin color or losses and failures along the way.

Serena is also officially signed to Nike sports brand. She inspires a lot of young women on and off the the tennis world.
Greatness can always be achieved. Once the mind is focused on it.

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