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If you’re just knowing about the Calabar carnival, welcome. I made an introductory post on everything you need to know about it. You might want to Catch up here . Moving on…  Things to do at the Calabar carnival. This year’s Carnival promises to be the biggest ever! With over 2million people in attendance. The theme of the carnival is migration. Over 25 countries would be fully represented on the streets of Calabar. This includes Brazil of course, the main owners of anything carnival.

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Besides getting  involved with the carnival, there’s a lot of other activities  to indulge in. Here’s a comprehensive list of things to do in Calabar carnival.

Things to do at the Calabar carnival:

Things to do at the Calabar carnival

Join a carnival band! – 

There are a total of 5 bands. Each representing different ideas relating to the theme. If you want to fully be at the forefront of the carnival, then joining a band is the perfect idea for you.  If you’re interested in joining a band, leave a message. I can get you into any band of your choice!

Watch the carnival : 

If you can’t cope with the fun of being part of the carnival, then you should be a spectator. There are seats along the road for spectators. This is another great way to get your game on for this year’s Calabar carnival!

Attend the evening events: 

In the introductory part of this series, I pointed out the evening shows. These event would be graced with the presence of world class musicians. What better way to get involved with the Calabar carnival than to attend this shows, thereby getting your inner person loose while unwinding.

Attend the Christmas Carol: 

On the eve of Christmas, there’s a special Carol service. This service showcases the finest voices in Cross River state and Nigeria at large. This year’s Carol service would involve even international voices. Why not attend for a life changing experience.

The miss carnival peagentry:

The Calabar carnival beauty peagentry is a must attend at the Calabar carnival 2017.

Visit Tinapa lake-side resort:

The tinapa lake-side resort is one of the major tourist attractions in Calabar and Nigeria at large. Take one of your days in Calabar off. Go and see the beautiful surreal environment that Calabar has to offer.

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Play games at the games arcade:

At tinapa business resort or Marina resort.

Go boat riding at the marina resort:

This is one of my favorite things to do. Have you been to Marina resort? check it out here

Visit the historical slave museum and national museum:

What better way to know a city?! The museums hold all historical information of that city. Calabar, being a great contribution to the history of Nigeria, has a lot in store for you.

Things to do at the Calabar carnival

Go to the drill ranch (cercopan):

Want a feel of wildlife. The drill ranch is the place to go!

Visit the Mary Slessor home:

At the museums, get familiar with the story of Mary Slessor. She abolished the killing of twins. You should have a feel of what her life was like by visiting her home. The site is being preserved up to date as a historical site in Calabar.

Relax in the natural environment of KWA falls:

Yes! It’s all about nature at KWA falls. See nature at its best! In my introductory article, I included a tour. It is still open to everyone! Come xperience the calabar carnival with xperiencetour as we take you around Calabar in 5 days!

Chill at Marina resort: 

Chill at Marina resort, Wind off before or after the Calabar carnival evening events. The marina resort and it’s comfortable environment is one of the best places in Calabar. Lots of activities available to engage in.

Wander into historical sites:

Calabar, the greatest slave hub in Nigeria, has a lot of history attached to it. There are a large number of historical sites in the city. Start from the museums and work your way around the city.

Visit a local market:

One of my tour like a local rules is to walk the streets! That Is a perfect way to mix up with the inhabitants of that community. Wander into a local market and feel like a local!

Tryout all the local delicacies available:

Your visit to a new city isn’t complete if you don’t try out any local dish. Calabar is best known,over time, for it’s variety of well prepared local food. The best part is that it tastes the same everywhere you go! Why not let a local CALABAR woman make you feel welcomed to the city. Let her prepare the widely known AFANG soup and watch yourself remain in Calabar permanently!

Unwind at any joint with “404” and palm wine:

Don’t ask what “404” is until you are done eating! It is Preferred if you don’t ask at all.

In all this, don’t forget to record those awesome memories you would make. They last for life!!!

Additional Tips

  • Loosen up
  • Don’t over Think your actions
  • Try to indulge in everything you can
  • Be very careful and cautious
  • Laugh and make friends
  • Most importantly, Have fun!

Have you ever been in a carnival? How was it?  How did you make the best experience from it?
Things to do at the Calabar carnival

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