Today is two years, five months and twenty two days since the day I got back from Aberdeen, Scotland  after my studies. My parents had spent so much on my masters education and I raked in half as much as they had spent from working part-time in the food and cleaning industry where it was comfortable. You could work, study, shop and take good care of yourself. Then it all came to an end and I wasn’t prepared; 
“My first big mistake”! I had to think of what I would do when I got back home. I had some money saved up but no idea as to what to invest the money in, so I had to settle for a civil service job with no job satisfaction or a private job which is equally as bad. I had finally gotten home at the height of the “CHANGE” euphoria, where every youth including yours truly was optimistic about the prospects of a better Country, 
“My Second big mistake!” but we decided to follow blindly without asking useful questions, we HOPED that they had a well thought out STRATEGY of improving our lives. Well, we were wrong! All they had was just a mantra. So ten months down the road I found a job that paid ten times less than what I was previously earning in Aberdeen but I took it hoping I would get another in a very short time. Everyone who heard I got a job were happy at first, then their happiness turned to anger when they heard how low the pay was but consoled me with words like “at least its something, its better than stealing” and “atleast you wake up every morning knowing you have a job to go to” which didn’t make my feeling of disappointment any better.

 Flash forward and I was still in that deadbeat job with no job satisfaction but the difference now is that I have a “PURPOSE”, a “STRATEGY”.

And then I had a “EUREKA!” moment, a strategy to get myself out of this mess I found myself in. This strategy is an entrepreneurial idea which would put my mind to work but I had one problem. I had no money to fund this idea but its a good start. All I need to do now is find an alternative source of funds to startup.
Hindsight is 20/20, some day I would look back at today in retrospect wondering what I could have done better, but in this instance I know I am much smarter than time past when I had jumped into decisions without much knowledge.
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