Excited!!! Why? First of all (in olamide’s voice), I am writing about an innovative ice cream place. Secondly, You are going to know details about this place. Lastly, you might be lucky enough to win a treat for yourself to this place! Excited now? I’m talking about Frozen rolls ice cream place!

Unravelling Nigeria put up a recent article on top wall art spots in Lagos. Wall art is my favourite. I loved the wall art at Frozen rolls, so, the explorer in me decided to visit. Give me your hand let me show you around, would you?

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Frozen rolls is located at the well known Fola Osibo road, lekki phase 1. Although on google map, the road is labelled as Emma Abimbola Cole street. #6 Emma Abimbola Cole street, lekki phase 1, Lagos.

If you’re not sure of the location, use google maps. It is very accurate. Frozen rolls is in the Cruise Piazzo building. You can’t miss it. When you get there, ask the security personnel for the ice cream shop. Just in case you miss it.


The wall art adjacent to the entrance is your first welcome. Take lots of pictures and show off on social media. Don’t forget to tag @allmyview and @frozenrollsng.

Once you go through the glass doors, the receptionist at the right welcomes you. He’s a fine and cheerful young man. At the reception is where you place your orders. There’s a list of different flavours and mixtures together with their prices. Choose which flavour you want, make payments and get your ice cream mood on!

During my visit, I had the choco tequila signature ice cream. It contained Chocolate cream,
Dark chocolate tequila,
Dark chocolate chips and
Chocolate sauce. What better way of seizing a chance at alcohol if not with ice cream?

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It is a reserved, warm andcosyy place. It can sit about 8 people at once. The chairs are high up. I felt the chairs tried hard to measure up with the ice cream pleasure, but then, the frozen rolls ice cream pleasure is unbeatable.

Each table consists of 2 chairs. They are very comfy and perfect for the frozen rolls Ice cream goodness.

About frozen rolls ice cream:

A lot of things make me love frozen rolls ice cream.

• The wall art, inside and outside.
• The exciting ice cream flavours.
• Frozen rolls signature innovative technique used.
• The warm and calm environment inside the hustle of Lagos city. A perfect place to chill and calm your nerves.
• Frozen rolls Ice cream customer service. The best I’ve ever had (inBeyonce’ss voice).
• The presence of natural flavours. Totally good for anybody of any age.
• The satisfaction of showing off to other people. After taking pictures, I usually put it all over my social media and show off. Don’t you feel nice when you get a perfect picture spot and lots of people just keep asking where the place is?


Did you know that

  • They also do home and office delivery?! Yes, you can place orders from the comfort of your home and office too.
  • They can mass produce for an occasion or a function. Just hit them up and let them whip something up for you!

Contact details:

On Instagram @frozenrollsNg

The giveaway:

In partnership with Frozen Rolls ice cream, allmyview is giving away 2 exciting treats of any ice cream combination of your choice! Calm down. Stay with me!

It isn’t only restricted to only Instagram users. Everyone can be a part of it!

All you have to do is comment uonthe 1 main thing you’ve learnt about frozen rolls ice cream from this article. Then proceed to Instagram and follow at @allmyview and @frozenrollsng. Like the giveaway picture and pray that you or your friend get chosen The comment can be under this article or under the giveaway picture on allmyview IG page.


The rules.

  1. Must be following @allmyview and @frozenrollsng on IG.
  2. Must like the giveaway picture.
  3. Must comment 1 thing you know about frozen rolls.

The answers are very well explained in this article. The comment should be under this article or under the giveaway picture on allmyview’s IG page.

Simple? Yass!!! So, let’s do this!
Time to win some ice cream Goodness!

Special Thanks to Frozen Rolls Nigeria.

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