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I got a Job! Yes! And I am so excited about it! Although it is a temporary Job. I was contacted on a very short notice after waiting for over a month. Every preparation was done on a very short notice. As short as 2 days notice. My first day at work was the best first day at work ever. I nailed it effortlessly. Using these 12 magical tips for a best first day at work.

1) WAKE UP EARLY! It’s your first day at work!:

They say an early riser has achieved 60% of a workday happiness. It totally worked! Waking up early has always been a problem for me. From my first time at anywhere new. School, new sports competition, anywhere. On my first day at work, I decided to wake up pretty earlier than usual mostly due to the excitement of not being able to sleep.

I felt a lot confident about my whole day at once. That surge of positivity.


A day that starts with breakfast as your first meal is a great day already. Imagine going to work on your first day on a totally empty stomach. Tragic!

I cannot start to name the importance of breakfast.

On my first day at work, I ate really little breakfast cos of the whole anxiety of a new experience. I felt hungry as soon as I reached the gates. Imagine my anger once I realized I was forced to eat, but stubbornly refused.

Thank God for lunch breaks. Saves lives every work day.


Being punctual to work gives you time to clear your head, deal with anxiety or stress. Touch up your make up one more time and get yourself all geared up for an eventful day.

As a result of waking early, I was prepared for work two hours before the actual time I was told to resume. I had ample time on my hands to make notes, have a good breakfast, touch up my make up, decide on what accessory matches my dressing and many more.


Being nice to everyone (most especially security personnel) increases your chance of being likeable by 100%. This magically boosts your day like nitro in a car racing game.

Greeting, good manners, smiles, etc are part of being nice. This has a positive impact on people around you which in turn would reflect in the way you would be treated on your first day and beyond.

At the gate, the security personnel was a bit hostile to me because I wasn’t with an identification tag. I literally just smiled all through it, while calmly explaining that it was my first day. The positivity in my ear to ear smile radiated through him when he started smiling back at me and let me pass.
The same thing applied to my supervisor and other workers. Everyone was willing to help me out in any way at all.


This is a must! Remember the saying about dressing how you want to be addressed? If you want to be perceived as being smart, coordinated, efficient worker, what’s stopping you from dressing that way?

My first day, I wore my most comfortable pair of shoes, my most comfy pair of trousers and a loose vintage shirt. My accessories were top-notch and simple too.

My confidence lever rose to 1001%. I felt like a young boss keeping it 100.


Aside from dressing like a boss, smelling like a soft boss is everything. You don’t want to have a harsh smell when people come around.

In as much as we think people might not notice, what about you who knows. Having that disturbing thought that you didn’t use good deodorants or anyone at all. As the thought plagues your mind, your confidence level reduces rapidly.

As a lady, if you’re on your monthly flow, read the 5 main hacks I use to slay it during my period even while travelling. How to maintain my confidence while on my period.


Too much of anything is as bad as too little of anything. Appear as simple as possible. Even when trying to slay. Your make up should be average/minimal. It is work and not a circus.

Your use of English / grammar should be simple and well coordinated. Speak like a badass boss that you wanna be one day. The first encounter matters a lot.


A clean slate is clear. Like a new computer that has no data in it. Being your first day at work, you have no idea of how things are done.

You can only get this information by listening and paying uninterrupted attention to everything that happens on your first day at work.

Some companies have first-day inductions. Like mine. They walked me through everything that happens at the facility. All the levels, how everything is arranged and even safety procedures. Just imagine missing the safety procedures lessons because “I think I already know all the usual safety procedures”. Tragic. Even more tragic when the lights went out and I was stuck in the office.

Acting like a clean slate makes you likeable by other workers. Being willing to listen and learn. Like a computer, you’ll gain more knowledge. Remember, nobody wants to be friends with an “I know it all” person. They won’t even want to offer any help to you.


It’s your first day and you are blank. Along the line, you would be utterly confused. As I was. Don’t fret. Don’t panic. It’s fine. Just ask questions.

Having an introductory class? Ask questions where you need to. Making a new workplace friend? Casually talking with your supervisor or superior? Ask questions for clarity. An assumption is the major cause of workplace epic fails.

I asked a lot of questions on my first day at work, they assumed I was a permanent staff. The knowledge I gained from my first day at work was enough knowledge for 2 weeks. Just because I asked questions after listening attentively.

Know that there’s a thin line between dumb and too much obvious questions. Find that thin line and avoid it totally.


This can never be overemphasized! Basic words and phrases like please, thank you, excuse me, pardon me, I am sorry, etc are workplace hacks 101. They work like magic.

Making any enquiry? “Please” gets you a faster and broad answer. Wrong turn, wrong knowledge, or even an assumption gone bad? A simple “sorry” should get you back on the right side.
Don’t be miserly in your use of polite words. Also politely approach a conflict or misunderstanding.


Just eat as much as you can. Preferably foods with natural sugar. Most, if not all, workplaces have provisional time for lunch. It is your first day. You might as well spoil yourself with a nutritious meal or snack.

It helps boost your energy levels, aid with that bossy glow up and keep you running until the end of your day.

On my first day, because of my cheerful, polite, calm and stylish behaviour and look, I got two lunch offers. One from my supervisor who actually paid for my snacks at the snack shop. The other (full main course meal) from the base manager who made sure I got all the help I needed.


The following attitudes are what you need to slay all round on your first day at work.

My first day at work was a total slayage. I nailed it everywhere. My supervisor was willing to teach me even more. I was willing to learn even more than he could. It was like a helper had come cos he basically was relieved of a lot of his duties.

As a result of my confidence and politeness, I was liked by everyone. Everyone wanted to offer help. Not because I was the “base manager’s niece”, but because of all my workplace attitudes I possessed. Including the aforementioned magical things I did.

Try these on your first day and see yourself have the best workplace experience ever!

As a worker, what first-day advice would you give to new workers?

As a newbie at work, what were your worst and best moments on your first day?

I am Ezinne. An Art enthusiast and an Adventure lover with a Technology mindset. The allmyview blog is an avenue which gives major insight to the world of Adventure where Arts meets Technology.

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