I was recently added to the Edojobbers Whatsapp group. A follow up from the last year boost your business workshop. Hosted by sheleads Africa in partnership with Facebook. I wrote about the business tips I learnt here. However, a broadcast message was posted on the group by one of the admins. It was about the Edo state hackathon. Before this, my good friend from AIESEC, destiny, had already sent the flyer to me.


The Edo state hackathon is an initiative focused on leveraging innovation and technology to identify and solve very pressing issues faced by individuals, businesses and the ecosystem as a whole.

How Edo hackathon would be done:

Through a sequence of a practical hackathon, the hack Edo series aims to equip young Nigerian innovators and creators with the skills necessary to make an impact in their various communities.

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Aim and objectives of the Edo Hackathon:

  • To build a collaborative community that tackles issues as a whole.
  • increase the number of individuals taking action.
  • identify the best ideas that would be supported through the incubation phase.
  • catalyse high growth startups within Edo state.
  • support the development of ventures from ideation to commercialization.
  • Promote job creation and economic development
  • Drive and ensure the increased adoption of local technology by government, corporate and development agencies within Edo state and across Nigeria.
  • Strengthen and raise the standard of startups in the region.
  • Deliver positive social impact returns to communities and people across the region.

The scope of possible solutions Hack Edo would be centred on Energy & Power:

  1. Renewables
  2. Microgrids
  3. Payments
  4. E-model payment solutions for the energy value chain
  5. Smart metering
  6. Financing platforms – Alternative solutions in the energy value chain
  7. Solar-powered products

Who is Eligible:

The hackathon is open to everyone in categories like

  • Innovators
  • entrepreneurs and business seekers
  • Developers
  • Business managers
  • students
  • analysts
  • etc

What to gain:

Apart from the 3.5 million naira prize to be won, other things to gain are


  • Winners are given seed investments for rapid prototyping and business acceleration.
  • N2,000,000 for 1st place
  • N1,000,000 for 2nd place
  • N500,000 for 3rd place

In addition, there is also 3 months of membership and mentorship free for the top 3 teams at Impact Hub and at the Edo Innovation Hub. To

  • Learn about innovative technology
  • Use it to build innovative solutions.
  • Learn from industry experts, available to assist and teach concepts.

Currently trending: uber vs taxify.

How to register:

Just click here to register. Fill out the form and submit. Things that would be required in the form includes;

  • Personal details including date of birth and address. (Required).
  • A business idea (optional).
  • A brief description of your business idea.
  • A short video explaining further the business idea.

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