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So, I’m excited to share with you how
to create cover templates for Instagram stories highlight.

Imagine seeing some profiles on Instagram look like this

Or this.

This is a DIY tech article. Making these templates are very easy!

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It isn’t rocket science at all. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop, internet connection and your fun side! I create mine on my phone because it is really easier for me.

Let’s make some magic!

Step 1:

Download and Install the Canva app from your phone’s play store. Google or apple.

Step 2:

Open up the installed application. The home page, when opened, looks like this.

Step 3:

Scroll down through the sample templates till you see the one that says “your story”. This is the Instagram story template. Click on it.


When choosing a template, take one that can be easily editable.

Step 4:

From the drop-down of countless templates, scroll down and choose the one you would like.

Note: Go for something clear and simple. Something that’s not complicated with pictures.
Go for this:

Instead of these,

Step 5:

Having chosen your preferred template, clear all the extra designs that you don’t need. Usually, I make mine into a clean slate left with just the write-ups which I intend to edit later in the process.

You might want write-ups on it or not. Select a background colour of your choice. If the colour you want is not found, then you can create one here:

Step 6:

The editing process.
Firstly, when the template is cleared, go to graphics.

Choose a graphic of your choice depending on what highlight story cover you want to create. For instance, if I want to create an Instagram story cover for travels, I’ll choose a graphic that depicts travel. Probably an aeroplane, or a suitcase or the globe, or all combined. Canva provides all these options and more. Just search for the graphic of your choice in the search box provided. Like this:

Usually, I just insert my keyword(travel) in the search box and get several options.

Secondly, when the graphic has been added to your template, you can make some changes.

For colour changes, you’ll see some colour boxes below the template. It depicts the different colours on the graphic.

Click on anyone to change any of the colours to your preferred colour. Just by clicking on a colour in the options below the template.

Thirdly, You can resize the graphic. When the graphic is clicked on, a size box appears around it. Like this:

You can resize it by dragging a corner in or out. Like this:

Or you can move the graphic to a position of your choice by holding onto the graphics and dragging it.

To add texts to the template like this:

There are 2 steps:
You either edit the former write up you left on the template, or you add new texts.

To edit the write up left, double-click on it until it is highlighted like this:

Then, you can edit the text to whatever you want to write. Preferably the heading of what your story should be. You can change the font, font colour, and font size. You can make the text bold or italics. Just by clicking the options below the templates. Like this:

You can also add new texts by clicking the add text box below the template. After adding it, you can edit the text using the method described above.

After editing, drag and drop the text anywhere you want it to be in your template.

Step 7:

After editing, save the template to your phone or laptop memory or share directly to your Instagram story. Usually, there’s no save option. All you have to do is click on “share” at the top right corner of the page. Like this:

It shows “downloading” or “making some magic”. When it’s done, there are options for applications to share the created template with. Choose the option of Instagram stories.


Once it shows the list of applications to share to, the template has already been downloaded to your phone or laptop memory. Once you’re done, the template is also saved to ” your designs” on the application. This is for future reference. In creating more similar templates for different highlight. Just edit the graphics and the write-up. Like this:

Also, note that some graphics are to be paid for. Not all of them are free. Any graphics with coins on it like these ones are to be paid for.

Any questions or concerns, do let me know in the comment box.

How do you create create cover templates for instagram story highlights?

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