The allmyview travel blog is rapidly growing. This is just as mentioned in the about page. It is gradually incorporating products and services. One of such products unveiled earlier this year is the travel shop. You should check it out.

Tip: Subscribers get a percentage discount. What you waiting for? Subscribe and shop at a discount!

The next product is on its way and would be unveiled before the first half of this year. Subscribe below to get firsthand knowledge. As a travel blog, travel products and services as well as blog products and services are it’s specialty.

Having a detailed knowledge of programming coupled with my experience of setting up and running a blog, I’m introducing the blog setup service!


  – Starting a blog.
  – Hosting and web services.
  – Webmaster indexing (google, Bing, yahoo, etc)
  – Designing and arrangements.
  – Advice on do’s and don’ts.
  – Setting up a profitable blog.
  – Monetization
  – Adsense tips and Affiliate marketing.
  – How to make money from your blog apart from Adsense and affiliates.
  – How to turn your blog to a brand.
  – Help you decide on a blogging niche based on your interests.
  – Onetime / part-time / full-time blog coaching.
  – How to add products/services to your blog.
  – Social sharing and automation.

These services are linked to each other. There are all optional. You just have to pick your preferred choice.

Service options:

The blog setup service has its options attached.

Total service:

The option of total service simply means I do all the setup work for you. All you need to do is tell me what your preferences are. This service is easy and stressless. No worries or problems, just your beautiful, highly optimised and responsive blog is what you get back.

Note: After setup, you can customize it anytime or anyway you want. I could also help with that or you can do it on your own.

Why choose total Service:

  – You are still the boss
  – You do not stress but still get work done.
  – Demands are met.
  – Ontime delivery.
  – No need for previous blog knowledge or experience.
  – Any issue is handled by me.
  – Saves you time and the stress of trying to understand computer / programming jargon.
  – Perfect for beginners
  – Slashed price of e-book guide on affiliate marketing.

Self service:

These are for people who want to have indepth knowledge of the Art of blogging. Anyone who wants to know more about blogging. Every step of setup would be done by you. All I have to do is coach you. Coaching is done online and offline (if possible).

why choose self service:

  – Firsthand Indepth knowledge of blogging.
  – More blogging experience.
  – Detailed knowledge about what’s going on in your blog.
  – Errors and bugs are fixed by you.
  – Easy access and customization.
  – Front seat blog Admin.
  – Free e-book guide on affiliate marketing advice.

Part of the blog setup service would be to dish out blog tips and tricks. Easy ways of running a profitable blog and blog coaching.


The blog services are not expensive. With a little amount of money, you can Startup, setup and run a very profitable blog in a short while. You don’t need 2 years to start making money from your blog.

I started making money out of my blog from the first two weeks of officially launching and setting up. You can make yours in way less time. Let me show you how to…


This service also teaches you ways of making money without a blog. Yes, you can do a whole lot without a blog. I would show you how to…

Man up or Woman up and be your own boss!

Indicating Interest? Fill out the contact form and an email would be sent to you with further details on how to proceed.

With Love – XoXo – Ezi

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