One rainy Saturday morning in Lagos, I was bored and almost wasting. I had little money on me, about 5 free taxify discount codes that were unused, a ready to wear a T-shirt, my regular dark coloured Jean and dark coloured slippers to go with. Feeling like the day was gonna waste, I immediately went on my official Instagram page. I had followed art twenty-one official page and I fell in love with one particular artwork. “What better time to visit than today?”, I asked myself.


Art twenty-one

I had collaborated with a fellow blogger, Biba, who had agreed that we go together. Using my free taxify promo codes, google maps and my not-so-bad eyesight, we set out.

Art twenty-one is located inside Eko hotels. At the Eko signature building. If you get lost navigating your way in Eko hotels, just ask a security personnel.


Art twenty-one

There’s a passage at the Eko signature building, just right at the front. Art twenty-one is the first place on your left. You can’t miss the entrance.

There’s a reception once you go in. A handsome young man sat behind the counter during my visit. I said my greetings, introduced myself and my reason for visiting. Thereafter, I asked if there’s anything he wished to tell me. Rules, regulations anything. Because Nigeria is filled with places and their outrageous rules for visitors.


The insides of the gallery beat my imagination. I would call it an art space. Its a wide space with artworks on the walls and art pieces in designated areas. The whole place is painted white and designed by the art pieces. It felt like an art haven.

In front of some of the walls, there’s a brown coloured, nicely polished wooden bench. For people to sit while admiring artworks.

There’s a table tennis spot at the gallery, strictly for recreational purpose. I played a bit with the attendant at the gallery, Mr Kingsley. He was so nice, answered all questions we had, took pictures of us without complaining.

We, in turn, shared jokes with him, laughed, asked questions and made the session interactive and lively.


Allmyview art twenty-one

There are a few things one can do at the art twenty-one art space.

  • BUY AN ARTWORK: The art pieces on display are for sale. People come from far and wide to buy artworks at the gallery.
  • Art twenty-one
  • HOLD/ATTEND EXHIBITIONS: Throughout the year, exhibitions are held in the art twenty-one art space. It is a perfect place to hold large art exhibitions. The hall can contain a large number of people while keeping everyone comfortable.
  • GET IMMERSED IN THE WORLD OF MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART: For an art lover like me who doesn’t like crowdy places, this is one of the places I’ll never get tired of going to. I love the fact that I can be alone, all by myself here, stare at an artwork and try to devise several ways of explaining what it means to myself. Priceless. Coupled with the idea of self-discovery every time I analyze an artwork.
  • LOOK AROUND: If you’re looking for a bit of artistic inspiration, art twenty-one is one of your best bet in Lagos.


The highlight of my visit to art twenty-one was the creative recreations of artworks with myself in the picture. In a bid to relate the art pieces to real life situations, I made some enhancements to pictures I took. Here are some and their meanings;

Staying calm even in times of trouble
Be happy, the sun shines

Nothing is scary.

Armed robbery situation. A common social vice in the country.


I usually grade galleries into what type of art to look out for when visiting. For art twenty-one, they include

  • The African heritage.
  • Fashion and lifestyle.
  • Problems in the country/world.
  • A bit of voodoo.
  • Art sculptures.
  • Etc.

My visit to art twenty-one was highlighted by several pictorial memories and videos.

I stayed as long as I wished and promised the “Sunflower” artwork that I would own it someday.

I hope I do.

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