It is obvious from desperation and determination that most migrants do not have enough information to make rational decisions about plans to migrate. On adventure for today, we try to elaborate all the necessary Information about the key to safe migration. What do we understand by migration? Equally, do you have your Passport to safe migration? Or are you an illegal migrant?


Migration (in primary school definition) is the movement of people from one place to another.

Migration has been a constant feature of human history. In recent times, it has gained increased relevance. Furthermore, international migration has found its way to the top of agendas in different countries. It is attracting considerable media attention across the globe.

However, just as advantages exist, there have been raising concerns about the disadvantages of migration. The risks involved. This factor has coerced most (all) countries to develop a plan of action to promote safe migration.

How to identify an irregular migrant.

  • A person who does not stick to all the requirements for getting the correct travel documents.
  • A person whose passport is expired.
  • A person who does not comply with the conditions stated in his/her visa.

Migrants right and responsibilities:

Regardless of your status (prisoner or Freeman), you are entitled to certain basic rights. They include;

  • The right to dignified and human treatment.
  • The right to due process before deportation or imprisonment.
  • The right to receive medical treatment in case of an emergency.
  • The right to communicate with one’s family and access to a lawyer on being detained.

However, you are expected to obey the laws of your host country otherwise you may be detained, prosecuted and possibly deported.

In reality, you will be denied these rights if you are without relevant documents.

Risks of irregular migration:

Irregular migrants go through so many risks. Which Sometimes amounts to nothing. Some of the risks include;

  • Human trafficking.
  • Smuggling of migrants by air, sea or land.

Smuggling by land:

80% of migrants that fall into human trafficking never bargained for it. They might have been tricked by a “friend” who wants to “help” you. This journey might be through the desert. Note:

  • Smuggling by land is through the desert.
  • It is the worlds hottest desert.
  • It is so vast. More than 10 times the size of Nigeria.
  • It is dry without water or rain.
  • Hurricane and sand dunes are its foremost characteristics.
  • Thousands of Nigerians have died in the desert.
  • Cause of death includes starvation, heat, dehydration, exhaustion, wild animals attack, buried by sand dunes, etc.

Smuggling by sea:

There’s no way to cross Africa to Europe without going through the sea. The few who are the desert survivors wait for months if not years to cross the sea. Crossing to Europe is not easy for irregular migrants. Things to note;

  • There are several crossing points between Africa and Europe.
  • The crossing points are constantly being patrolled by security agencies.
  • Criminals along the transit route countries charge as much as a ridiculous sum of $5000 (#800,000) to cross an illegal migrant.
  • Rickety old and unsafe vessels are used.
  • The captains or owners of the vessels know that it is an offense.
  • Many illegal migrants die at sea due to overcrowding, illness, unsafe conditions of the boat, etc. Isn’t this slavery all over again.
  • There have been cases where the captains or owners of the vessels throw migrants into the sea to avoid arrest.
  • The sea isn’t like a pool or river where you can swim to safety. Survival level is low.

Smuggling by air:

This could happen unconsciously. If you aren’t with your complete documents, it might be seen as trying to smuggle out / into another country. Things to note include;

  • You stand the risk of losing huge investments in your home country.
  • You might refuse departure from your country.
  • You risk immediate repatriation at the destination country.

Lets look at all the possible risks of illegal migration.

Travel documents:

We also learned about the importance of your travel documents including passports and visas.

Everything about the passport:

Details on the passport, how to obtain one and all the challenges you can face if your passport isn’t in good condition. Check that here.

Everything about securing a visa:

The visa procurement details weren’t left out as we explored all the necessary requirements to possess before applying for a visa. Additional documents that hasten the visa application process and possible risks you might face if you don’t possess the necessary visa requirements in your destination country. More on that here.

Risks incurred during illegal migration:

It is important that you follow the stipulated guidelines and steps to obtain the correct travel documents from the authorized sources. It is also important to use the officially recognized routes as you make plans to travel.

This is crucial so as to avoid the following risks illegal migrants incurred during migration;

  • Migrants in transit on unofficial routes have little or no chances of reaching their destinations.
  • They can eventually be stranded in their transit stations.
  • Illegal migrants might have to face the harsh realities of life. No job opportunity, no decent habitable residence, strange sociocultural environment, etc if stranded in transit.
  • Illegal Migrants when stranded in transit usually fall back to criminal deeds such as drug trafficking, advance fee fraud, cyber and financial crimes, forgery, armed robbery, commercial sex work, etc.
  • The migrants stand the risk of having their organs removed for commercial purposes.
  • They stand the chance is being subjected to sexual harassment.

In Lieu of this, migrants are repeatedly advised to go through recognized points to avoid gory experiences.


Consult your doctor before you travel. Know your health status.

If you have a medical condition, be sure to carry your medication along.

Rights of a migrant:

As a migrant, you are still entitled to the following rights in relation to any of the conditions listed here:

  • The right to an interpreter. If you do not understand the language of the detaining country.
  • The right to contact or seek assistance from the embassy of your country (say Nigerian embassy) in the country of detainment.
  • The right to get in touch with a family member.
  • The right to a lawyer of your choice.
  • The right to a fair hearing and free legal assistance when you cannot afford it.
  • The right to remain silent at the time of detention.
  • The right to remain with minors in your care.
  • The right not to be detained with criminals.
  • The right to be treated in a humane and dignified manner by the police and other authorities.
  • The right to refuse to pay (in cash or kind) to any authority as this constitutes a crime.
  • The right to free and voluntary return.

However, note that laws vary from one country to another.

Immigration offenses and penalties:

The following offenses when committed would result in deportation, prosecution or Jailing. They include;

  • Possession and presentation of falsified travel documents. Including visas, passport, etc.
  • False information on travel documents like visa application forms, etc.
  • Disobeying immigration laws in any country destination.
  • Engaging in smuggling or trafficking persons.


Penalties vary from country yo country. They include;

  • You may be arrested and detained.
  • The arrest and may result to prosecution and imprisonment.
  • You may be refused entry to that country.
  • You may be deported.
  • Lastly, you may be banned for life from entering that country.

Please do not hesitate to seek assistance from NGO’s and IOM offices when you encounter problems.

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