Hey there, welcome to the AllMyView blog.


About the Author

My name is Okeke Ezinne Precious, Currently majoring in Industrial Mathematics and A Christian who loves God. I am an Arts, Adventure and Tech enthusiast. I’ll love to be a pilot. Yeah, you heard the lady. A PILOT!

I love travelling as much as i love being alone. I’m 90% introvert and gradually stepping out of it. I love Solving maths, I love playing volleyball. Although I have to  read, I’d prefer listening. Spending time with the people I love, Good Food (sea foods esp), surprises, anything chocolate, vacations, family, live band,circular concerts and even more are my best things ever. I am more androgynous fashioned and I like my hair straight or dreaded.

What The Blog is about

My love for travelling gradually fuels my career pursuit in piloting. The allmyview blog was born out of that love. Allmyview is a travel blog that showcases the Art life and style of different destinations. It incorporates adventures and technology with Art.



Why Art, Adventure and Tech?

They said follow your dreams, chase your passion, only then would you truly enjoy life.


I fell in love with Art the day I stepped foot into the Nike art gallery. The feeling, the pool of emotion it extracts out of you. I love that each person has a different way of explaining and connecting with each art piece without being wrong. It’s like living in a perfect world defined by yourself.


Since then, I decided to further explore the world of art to the ends of the earth! Ends of the earth entails adventures and travels. Who knows where the art trail might lead me to? 

Besides physical adventures, I would also explore mind adventures. The kind of adventures that leads to the birth of some art works and technological advancements.


From my days of programming to studying maths and up until now, its okay to say that I’m a tech lover. I love finding out how things work, how machines are able to perform. I love solving equations and unraveling puzzles. I love the thrill of dismantling equipments and assembling them back up. Technology is an Art i’ll be exploring in full. As a woman-in-tech.


How to achieve the AAT feat.

I described technology as an art. Yes, it is an art of science. Gaining more knowledge in knowing how things work, combined with an endless search to discover art through thick and thin (adventures) is my main area of concentration.

Achieving the AAT feat is a great deal for me. One I am prepared to go on with.

We would be amazed at how much of Art depends on technology and how much of technology depends on adventures. Mind adventures.


The Allmyview blog products can be found in the AAT shop. Products of the blog features

  • collections of art pieces (small or big),
  • adventurous items
  • technological pieces and prescriptions.


Allmyview is constantly and rapidly growing. The blog turning brand hopes to serve it’s audience with the best AAT news, products and services.

It is a go-to hub for art lovers, adventure seekers and technology driven enthusiasts like me.

Lets explore all the AAT the world has to offer. Together!