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About the Author

My name is Okeke Ezinne Precious, Currently majoring in Industrial Mathematics and A Christian who loves God. I am an Arts, Adventure and Tech enthusiast. I’ll love to be a pilot. Yeah, you heard the lady. A PILOT!

I love travelling as much as i love being alone. I’m 90% introvert and gradually stepping out of it. I love Solving maths, I love playing volleyball. Although I have to  read, I’d prefer listening. Spending time with the people I love, Good Food (sea foods esp), surprises, anything chocolate, vacations, family, live band,circular concerts and even more are my best things ever. I am more androgynous fashioned and I like my hair straight or dreaded.

What The Blog is about

My love for travelling gradually fuels my career pursuit in piloting. The allmyview blog was born out of that love. Allmyview is a travel blog that showcases the Art life and style of different destinations while actively involving its audience. It incorporates travels with brief but exciting tours and technology with Art.




Allmyview has grown and is amassing new audience on a daily bases. Audience that are actively involved and seeking new ways to explore the world with the little they have. Starting from their locality.


Daily tours are available for cities around you. Click here to join the tour with other fun loving individuals. What better way to connect with her audience, get them actively involved in the journey while seeking out their interests and new ways to satisfy them.


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