Over the years, studies have proven the exponential growth of tourism in Nigeria. This has inspired more and more young people to travel, locally and internationally. In as much as more people are traveling, many more are wishing they could be in their shoes. Limited by many constraints, the most relatable being finances.




As a student traveler, it was a lot challenging to pay for my trips. Struggling between class requirements, upkeep while in school and spare time out with my friends, my money was thinning out even before i could think up my next travel plan. Other student travelers were in the same dilemma as I was. Yearning to travel but limited by funds. Regretting all the non-significant things we did with our money without second thoughts.



I found a solution! Savings!

Saving up was something I never thought I could do but had to. It was inspired by love for adventure, cultural feel and exploring places far away from my comfort zone. I was determined to travel the world and since I had no stable income at that time (still do not), cutting down expenses to put in my piggybank was the only way I could accomplish my dream of traveling. – Ezinne, Founder.

The savings plan was our saving grace. We decided to implement this and it worked! It totally worked! I mean, Its not like we saved up enough money to vacation away in Ibiza. We actually realized a lot to suit our travel goal and some miscellaneous.


Eventually, I introduced this scheme to my friends who were interested in taking this step with me. We started from daily savings, with an agreementĀ  not to pressurize ourselves. The least sum we would set aside is 100 Naira daily. However, the sum we set aside would be determined by our travel goal(s) for the month. With this, we’ve been able to raise up more than enough money to suit our travel goals each month.



We have had many other people indicating interest. Most especially, young people. The savetotravel community believes we can solve the main issue of traveling for young travel lovers. This community is open to every young person with the zeal and intention to travel. Money would seize to be our limiting constraint.


Going live by 11th September, 2018. This community seeks out young people from all over Nigeria to be a part of us. More details on our launch is on our social media pages.


Our Opportunity portal is open and we are currently seeking out other young people to partner with. Building a community like this would not be possible without your help. We need you! Join us while we wallow in the beauty, knowledge and intellectual wealth the world has to offer.



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