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The 10 cheapest ways to travel as a student has been narrowed down for you. It is left for you to decide which of them to go with.

As a student, your main goal is to learn and become well vested with knowledge in your chosen field of study.

Being a student traveler is the best thing that could happen to you. There are countless travel opportunities available at all times. Opportunities that year-round travelers seek fervently for.

A traveler is anyone who loves going around the world while exploring its bits and pieces in a responsible and eco-friendly manner.

Traveling for over 3 years now has taught me the benefits and joy of being a student traveler. When you keep getting so many questions on how you afford to travel, what time is best to travel and why you should travel.

These are the 10 cheapest ways to travel for students.

1) Volunteering:

The first and foremost inexpensive way to travel is volunteering. Volunteering is for everyone and not just students. However, student volunteers get special offers. Discount offers and free offers too. Discount offers includes

  • Airfare.
  • Bus/train ticket fare.
  • Food discounts.
  • Accommodation discounts.
  • Transportation on ground discounts.
  • Slashed tour ticket prices.

While some free offers you can get as students include

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free feeding (might be breakfast, lunch, dinner or all).
  • Free accommodation
  • Free tour tickets
  • Etc.

With volunteering, you could also get paid to travel. Little stipends and upkeep from the organization you are volunteering with. There are various voluntary platforms for students internationally. I am currently a member of one of them. Some of these organizations are present in over a hundred countries in the world. For a detailed list of organizations to volunteer in as a student, check here.

2) Research purposes:

In school, we are given several topics to research on. Some can be gotten directly from the internet while other research topics need your full presence in those places. Research topics usually come with case studies.

This is another great opportunity to travel. As a student, you are given time and tips on how to carry out the research. It is your duty to be smart enough, seize the opportunity to travel to the case study destination. While you’re there learning, consider taking out time to visit beautiful places around.

As a student traveler, I never fail to seize opportunities like this. It not only presents me with the desired favorable circumstance to travel but also with the much-needed break from my hectic school schedule.

3) Internship opportunities (paid/free):

With internship opportunities, you can travel to anywhere!

During your course of study, there’s usually a period reserved for an internship. The time frame differs with different schools (usually 3 – 6 months. Routinely, students are sent off to companies and external organizations to gain more in-depth knowledge and expertise in their field of study. Practical knowledge.

As a student, you are expected to garner so much useful knowledge from external bodies. External! This is your ticket to travel to whichever place in the world you deem fit.

Often times, these organizations procure accommodations for interns. They also take care of your on-ground transportation while working with them. They might provide food or give feeding stipends. WiFi is always available at topnotch organizations. Hence, your basic needs have been catered for.

Organizations are always open to accepting student interns from anywhere. Some setup examinations for screening exercise while others just require your id card and a signed letter of the internship from your school.

4) Competitions:

Common among institutions. Academic competitions is another way for students to travel. Academic competitions in various fields like

  • Sports
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Academic clubs
  • School organizations
  • Etc

Sports has been my number one way of traveling throughout my stay in the university. As a volleyball player, a member of the school team, this has (still is) taken me to various places. Currently looking forward to the west African university games coming up later this year.

It is advisable to join a team or club or organization in school. They usually present student members with countless opportunities to see the rest of the world.

5) Excursions:

Educational bodies are constantly striving to keep up with the world’s rapid development. However, some facilities cannot be present on the school as at when needed. This calls for leaving the school with the students in the search of these facilities.

Excursions are often best ways to travel for students. Transportation, accommodation, and feeding are provided by the school. It is the perfect time to bond with others, tour as a group, see a different part of the world and explore.

Excursions might be paid for by the students or totally free if sponsored by the school or an external body.

6) Student organizations:

As mentioned earlier, belonging to a student organization is one of the easiest ways to travel as a student.

Sponsored tours, excursions and even leisure vacations can be arranged by members of the organization.

It is a great way to bond while exploring and having fun with other different students.

7) Student conferences:

Conferences, summits, and student hangouts are a perfect way to travel. Not to mention a cheap way to travel. These conferences usually have some sponsors, probably an organization or an individual. The sponsors take care of the financial needs of the conference.

Conferences for students are usually highly slashed or totally free.

When I go to student conferences, registration, accommodation and feeding costs me about $22 for a week! This is for local conferences anywhere in the country.

International conferences cost about $150 upwards depending on the country.

8) Local tourism:

Local tourism is the new face of travel. With the rise of new age travelers, local tourism is accumulating more followers with each location.

As a student, taking out long durations from our busy schedule is almost impossible. This has indeed become better with the help of local tourism. All you need is as little as some few hours of relaxation and sightseeing.

Local tourism is effective, time saving and relatively affordable. All you have to do is look for favorable dates and times. Seek out pleasant interesting destinations and plan your trip with these steps.

9) Tours and group travels:

Tours and group travels are a cheaper way to travel. Tour packages are already planned out by the tour organisers. All that’s left is your preferred your choice. Factors that determine what choice of tours a student can opt-in for are

  • Prices
  • Duration
  • Destination
  • Security
  • Tour conditions
  • Feeding options
  • Health considerations
  • Means of transportation
  • Travel conditions
  • Etc.

If all these conditions are made to fit the student traveler, he/she chooses one and goes touring.

Group travels are also a cheap way of traveling. Group traveling has been made easy by the existence of social media. Anyone can search for a travel buddy or buddies, share travel expenses and travel cheaper. It is a method widely adopted by normal travelers. Students can also travel cheaply this way.

10) Travel channels:

Travel channels includes travel agents, tour agents, etc.

Traveling via these channels are a good way to travel. With extensive research and trust, these agents have the cheapest to most expensive range of prices.

They also possess extensive knowledge of cheap to expensive accommodations. Generally, they are well vested with the knowledge of cheapest to most expensive and exotic destination.

Consulting the services of a travel agent is a very advisable thing to do if you’re about to travel.

For student travelers, they have discounted packages available and student-friendly destinations listed out already.

To contact the services of a travel agent, click here.

Lastly, you can travel cheaply by visiting family and friends. I explore my country by visiting family members in every city available. While visiting, consider that an opportunity to see the attractions around you. The family members are already there as tour guides and are willing to take you around if only you ask pretty nicely.

Same applies to friends. I have currently started planning my trips to Morocco, Tanzania, and Egypt to see friends I have there. With these steps on how to plan a trip. With this method, I have free accommodation, almost free food and excited tour guides waiting for me! What greater fun than touring in the midst of friends.

How do you travel effectively?

Share your travel tips for others to gain knowledge.

Consider sharing this article to help others travel cheaply. Not limited to college students.

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